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Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 organizers falling short of ‘diversity & harmony’ slogan [Mainichi Shimbun Editorial]

“Keyed to the slogan “diversity and harmony,” the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are being ballyhooed as events that will spur the creation of an inclusive society here in Japan. However, we must question whether those running the games have truly dedicated themselves to this goal.”

Blind Braille Disability Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Disability group claims Olympic and Paralympic ticket vendors inaccessible to the blind, violating Organizing Committee Guidelines

“The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee for 2010 did not create Braille materials explaining how to purchase tickets for the tournament or a CD that provides necessary information by voice. A disability organization argues that it is “in violation of the guidelines for ‘barrier-free’ set by the organizing committee.” ”

Disability Expo 2025 Osaka Osaka Kansai Expo 2025

Osaka Prefecture to follow Tokyo’s example to make hotels ‘barrier free’ for 2025 Expo

“According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, this is approach is following the example set by Tokyo, which is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The policy is to make more detailed regulations that affect the city, such as making public facilities barrier-free.”

Disability Japan Politics

Eiko Kimura, Diet member and disabled person [Tokyo Shimbun Interview]

“Eiko Kimura, a disabled person who was recently elected to the Japanese parliament’s Upper House was interviewed by The Tokyo Shimbun. Eiko Kimura was born in Yokohama. At the age of eight months, she fell from the entrance and became disabled. After graduating from school, he started living alone in Kunitachi, Tokyo at the age of 19. Kimura established the “Independence Station Tsubasa”, in Tama City, in 1994 to support the independence of persons with disabilities and she is the secretary-general of the organization.”

Disability Japan Politics Reiwa Shinsengumi

Newly elected Diet member with ALS seeks to change care for disabled, opposes LDP plans

“”I want to make use of my experience in politics to realize a society that can live a life with dignity and enjoyment regardless of disability or illness.” By listening to the voices of various persons with disabilities and disseminating them at the Diet, he expressed his willingness to change to the policy for persons with disabilities that can realize “reasonable consideration” from the standpoint of the parties.”

Disability Intellectual disabilities Japan

Oita District Court rejects damages claim after apartment manager died after altercation with disabled resident

“On August 22nd, the Oita District Court ruled in a lawsuit in which the plaintiffs, were seeking damages totaling approximately 53.64 million yen. The case concerned an incident that occurred in 2014, when an unemployed man with an intellectual disability aged 42 and the caretaker managing the apartment where he lived, who was aged 62, both died following an altercation.”

Crime Disability Intellectual disabilities Japan Kobe

Hyogo Bar Association: DNA collection from intellectually disabled woman “illegal with no valid consent”

“The police station requested the woman voluntarily come to the station  in May, and the woman visited the station with her mother. The clerk collected DNA from the woman’s mouth. The station claims that the collection was made with written consent. On the other hand, the woman said that she “did not agree” and that her mother did not approve. The station sent a document to the woman for allegedly damaging the property.”

Disability Intellectual disabilities Japan Nagoya

Undisclosed settlement reached at Nagoya High Court over death of a disabled man

“The corporation that operates the facility offered a payment of 18 million yen, but the bereaved family said, “..there is a difference in the amount of compensation between the healthy person and the disabled person…I am against it,” and was seeking compensation of more than 72 million yen, the same amount as a healthy person.”