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Disability Disasters Japan

Wide-area evacuation drills held in Tokyo for people with severe disabilities

An NPO that supports the independent living of people with disabilities in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward is looking for evacuation measures for people with severe disabilities in preparation for large-scale floods. The welfare evacuation shelters designated by the ward are limited to one companion, making it difficult for people with disabilities who need multiple hands to assist. However, even if you try to evacuate outside the ward with a helper or family before a typhoon hits, there are problems associated with traveling long distances.

Disability Health Japan Transplantation

Japanese NPO suspected of facilitating transplant using trafficked kidney, donor was a Ukrainian woman

A Tokyo-based nonprofit organization is suspected of having facilitated an overseas living donor kidney transplant that used a trafficked kidney. Audio and video recordings obtained by The Yomiuri Shimbun and interviews with individuals affiliated with the NPO reveal that the donor was a Ukrainian woman who was having financial difficulties, and that the price for her kidney was about $15,000 (¥2 million).

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan Osaka

Osaka City dispatches medical teams to facilities for people with disabilities with guidance on measures against COVID

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, medical teams have been dispatched to facilities for people with disabilities, where normal infection control measures are difficult, such as being unable to wear masks, and efforts have begun to provide guidance on infection control measures.

Japan Sagamihara

Nearly six years after the Sagamihara Stabbings, director of the facility for people with disabilities gives lecture to staff

The director of a facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City gave a lecture to city officials involved in welfare, ahead of the sixth anniversary this month of the murders of 19 people at a facility for the people with intellectual disabilites. The director of the facility gave a lecture to city officials involved in welfare, urging them to “respect the wishes of the people concerned and support them.”

Disability Japan LGBT Mental Health

“Homosexuality is an acquired mental disorder or addiction” members of Japan’s ruling party claim

On June 30th, LGBT and other sexual minorities were discriminated against, such as “homosexuality is an acquired mental disorder or addiction” at a parliamentary meeting of members of the LDP. It was found out by interviewing the people concerned. Support groups for sexual minorities expressed resentment, saying, “It’s a hate speech and it’s not allowed.”

Brain Disability Japan

Miyazaki Prefecture conducts survey of 43 rehabilitation facilities for people with “Higher brain dysfunction” for the first time

Miyazaki Prefecture has announced for the first time the facilities where rehabilitation is available in the prefecture for higher brain dysfunction, that is, when is a brain injury or illness that results in memory impairment and other problems. The information was revealed in a prefectural survey aimed at supporting the independence of people with disabilities, and is published on the website of the Miyazaki Prefectural Consultation Centre for the Physically Disabled in Miyazaki City.

Disability Employment Japan Mental Health

People with mental disabilities in Japan who work shorter hours to be included in the employment numbers

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) is planning to allow mentally disabled people who work 10-20 hours per week to be included in the employment rate for disabled people, which companies are obliged to employ. The aim is to encourage people with disabilities who have difficulty working long hours to take up employment.

Care Disability Japan Sagamihara

Operation of care home where 19 people with disabilities were murdered put out for tender, hope for new management in April 2023

The Kanagawa Prefectural Government has announced that it will transfer the operation of a facility in Yokohama City, where some of the residents of a Kanagawa prefectural facility for people with intellectual disabilities, where 19 people were murdered in Sagamihara City six years ago, to another corporation starting next April.

Barrier Free Deaf Disability Disasters Discrimination Japan

New law expected to be passed in current session of the Diet to support disabled in Japan during disasters, especially the needs of the deaf

Legislation is expected to be passed in the current parliamentary session to support persons with disabilities to obtain the same information they need in their daily lives and during disasters as able-bodied persons, with the aim of eliminating disparities. Issues have been raised regarding the acquisition of information by persons with disabilities, such as the fact that subtitles and sign language interpreters are sometimes not provided for disaster news.