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People with disabilities allegedly abused at Chiba facility, made to hold two sandbags of 5kg in weight for four hours

According to the city, in June 2020 and June 2009, a staff member at the school abused a user who had gone into someone else’s rice field by making him stand for four hours with a 5 kg bag of sand in both hands with the consent of the facility director. In response to the city’s investigation, he said:

“I thought that if I didn’t let them understand their problematic behavior, they would have trouble when they go out into the world. I didn’t think it was abuse.”

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Japan ‘s PM Kishida pledges to avoid strain on medical system in Diet policy speech, and boost medical treatments for people recovering at home or at facilities

PM Kishida pledged to boost medical treatments for people recovering at home or at lodging facilities, and to accelerate booster vaccinations, noting that he plans to “calmly advance responses (against the omicron variant) based on the latest information, without excessive fear.”

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Disability News Japan Podcast Episode 87: Pre-implantation screening raises spectre of eugenics for disabled people in Japan

Katsunori Fujii, a representative of the Japan Council on Disability held a press conference November 27th 2020 on the then proposed ‘Law on Special Provisions to the Civil Code regarding legal parent-child relationships of children born through Assisted Reproductive Technology’, saying that the law allows for the possibility of a ‘eugenic policy’ and creates a ‘sense of crisis’ for people with disabilities.

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16,000 hospitals to handle at-home care as Omicron variant prompts Japan to strengthen care services

“The omicron variant seems to have a higher transmissibility, but also is less likely to cause serious symptoms,” Kishida said to reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office. “But if the infection spreads rapidly among the elderly, the percentage of people who become seriously ill could increase.”

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“We will connect to a Diet where various parties can work comfortably”: Japanese parliamentarians on being a politician with a disability

Masako Okawara (68), a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party who uses a wheelchair; as well as Eiko Kimura (56) & and Yasuhiko Funago (64), whom are in the House of Councilors and are members of Reiwa Shinsengumi, were asked by The Tokyo Shimbun about what it is like to work in the Diet with a disability.

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Disability News Japan Podcast Episode 85: Suspect in Fire at Osaka Mental Health Clinic Dies

The deceased suspect, Morio Tanimoto was a patient at the clinic. People who knew him have said he apparently lived a lonely life after going through a divorce and the deaths of family members and may have been suicidal.

All 25 victims have been identified, including the clinic’s director, Kotaro Nishizawa, 49, according to the police. A total of 27 people, including Tanimoto, were taken to hospitals after the fire.

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Hosting Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics chosen as top domestic news in Japan in 2021

Amid concern among the Japanese public over staging the Summer Games during the pandemic, when the capital and other parts of the country were under a COVID-19 state of emergency, Japanese athletes excelled by winning a total of 58 medals, including a record 27 gold, in the Olympics and 51 medals, including 13 gold, in the Paralympics.

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Elder abuse by family members at home in Japan stood at 17,281 cases in 2020, the highest number ever, 25 deaths

On December 24th, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced the results of a survey that the number of cases of abuse of elderly people at home in 2020 increased by 2.1% from the previous year to 17,281 cases, a record high. There were 25 deaths, an increase of 10 from the previous year.

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Osaka building arson suspect’s name released prior to issuing of ‘warrant of arrest’ for “extremely heinous” crime as “families wished to have the suspect identified”

The Osaka prefectural police department said it released the name of the suspect even though it has yet to issue a warrant of arrest on murder and arson charges against the man because bereaved families wished to have the suspect identified.

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Aomori based poet and illustrator self-published book ‘Where are my ears?’ about experiencing hearing loss in Japan

Reiji Oba (56), a poet and illustrator living in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, has self~published a picture book titled “Where are my ears?“ Oba portrayed worries and wishes after experiencing hearing loss due to a childhood illness. Oba says, “I want more people to read this picture book and be kind to the world.”

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Student rejected for part-time job as a poll worker in Japan’s October lower house election because of hearing impairment, Hakodate City Election Commission admits

The Mainichi Shimbun has reported that the Hakodate City Election Commission revealed that it had rejected an application from an 18-year-old male university student in Hakodate for a part-time job as a poll worker in the October lower house election because of his hearing impairment.

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Disability News Japan Podcast Episode 82: Japan’s Transport Ministry offers “administrative guidance” to JR Kyushu after wheelchair user was refused access to train

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has issued administrative guidance to Kyushu Railway Co. (JR Kyushu) over an inability to provide assistance to a wheelchair user in Nagasaki Prefecture when the station had no personnel present, sometimes referred to as an ‘unmanned station.’

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Disability News Japan Episode 81: Hearing-impaired woman refused access to Yokohama ropeway

YOKOHAMA – In July in Naka-ku, Yokohama, a hearing-impaired woman tried to ride on a ropeway by herself, but was refused use because of her disability, according to an interview with a person concerned. It was reported that the business operator has stipulated in the manual that hearing-impaired people should not use it alone.

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During opening arguments over forced sterilization in Osaka, hearing impaired woman communicates through signer: “I would have a different life if I had children. I can’t forgive the country that made the law.”

The first oral argument in a lawsuit in which hearing-impaired people in Kansai sought compensation for damages from the government was held at the Osaka High Court on the 30th, alleging that they were forced to undergo fertility surgery under the former Eugenic Protection Law.

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‘Keep-the-way-open’ rule on escalators at train stations in Japan remains a barrier to people with disabilities

Escalators at train stations in Japan suggest that on one side it is acceptable to stand and that it is acceptable to move on the other side. In Tokyo you stand on the left, leaving the right side free for people move, whilst in Osaka, the etiquette is reversed, you stand on the right side, leaving the left side for people to walk quickly. However, such an arrangement makes it difficult for people with disabilities to use escalators, especially at train stations where people are often in a rush.

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Kanagawa prefecture offers settlement after care home resident at facility for people with disabilities chokes on bread

On November 22nd, Kanagawa Prefecture made a statement about an accident in which a man got bread lodged in his throat and fell unconscious in October last year at the prefectural facility for the people with intellectual disabilities “Nakai Yamayurien” or “Nakai Town”. The prefecture announced it would pay about 26 million Yen to settle the matter. The man, who was a resident at the facility, is still in the hospital as he is still unconscious.

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One arrested after house in Chiba burns down killing two residents with disabilities

A house fire that broke out in Sangawa, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture on the morning of the 17th, killing two male residents, has led to an arson and murder investigation. On the night of the 18th, the Chiba prefectural police arrested a 65-year-old unemployed person who lives in this house on suspicion of arson and murder. The deceased, a man aged 32 and his father, aged 67 had severe physical disabilities, and it is possible that the attack was motivated by fatigue from long-term care and pessimism about the future.