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Disability Employment Japan Padded Jobs

Swiftly create environment where disabled people can work stably [Yomiuri Shimbun Editorial]

“The important thing is to make preparations for accepting them. Should these new workers be hired on a massive scale and in a coercive manner, just to make up the numbers, it would be difficult for these individuals to settle into their new workplaces. It is a matter of course to aim at meeting the statutory hiring rate soon, but such endeavors should be advanced carefully, in keeping with workplace conditions.”

Blind Braille Disability Japan

Japanese Designer Develops “Visually Readable” Braille

“A young Japanese designer has developed a set of letter designs to be printed on corresponding braille patterns of raised dots, in a bid to help those who do not use braille to understand the language for the visually impaired. 

“I hope to bridge the worlds of the visually impaired and other people by using the same tool,” said Kosuke Takahashi, the 25-year-old designer from Tokyo.”

Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Paralympic medalists check accessibility of 2020 Tokyo Games venue area

“”Just after exchanging greetings, however, basketball player Katsumi Miyake rushed back into the station. He returned sometime later and explained that the accessible washroom outside the gates was broken, so he had to use the one inside. There aren’t many bathrooms for wheelchair users so I can’t hesitate even if I have to go back in,” he said. Miyake’s remark hinted at a major challenge in improving the washroom situation at stations near venues.”

Barrier Free Disability Japan Welfare

Takarazuka City Mayor introduces ‘barrier free’ language for municipal documents

“The regular meeting of the Takarazuka City Council of Hyogo Prefecture was held on 15th, Mayor Nakagawa Tomoko announced in the administration policy speech of the plenary, “To promote the barrier of the mind”, “Opinion” in the official documents created by the city from April To change the notation of “disability” It was said that there are no cases of using “disability” in municipal documents of the municipal nation in the whole country.”

Disability Japan Paralympics Politics

Disabled LDP heavyweight Tanigaki tells party convention ‘Paralympic athletes will inspire me’

“Former LDP secretary-general and president Sadakazu Tanigaki said: “As I’m now disabled, I feel each and every individual faces different challenges. I’d like to see how disabled athletes will overcome their challenges and fight in the games,” referring to next year’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. “Their efforts will inspire me.” ”

Disability Japan Welfare

Osaka parents of car accident victim left with disability gets govt to boost support measures

“Yuji Kuwayama, 62, and his wife Akiko, 58, were driven by a sense of danger in “receding relief measures.” Although reluctant at first, the Ministry of Finance resumed returning investment profits that had been diverted from the transport ministry’s special account to the state’s general account, for the first time in 15 years.”

Barrier Free Disability Media

Yokohama group aims to make media available to the developmentally disabled

“Projects to rewrite newspaper articles, government documents and even manga normally too difficult for persons with mental disabilities to understand. “Slow Communication” based in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, which publishes easy-to-understand Japanese news articles on its website. All the sentences are short and the Chinese characters come with smaller kana, or syllabic characters, to assist with pronunciation.”

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

“I want the country to apologize.” Couple with hearing impairments file a lawsuit in Osaka over forced sterilization

” ‘ I want the country to apologize’ A couple in their 70s who have hearing impairments in Osaka prefecture file a lawsuit on January 30th, alleging that they were forced to undergo infertility surgery under the former eugenics protection law, violating their right to pursue of happiness, guaranteed by Article 13 of the Constitution. They filed a lawsuit seeking damages totaling 22 million yen at the Osaka District Court..”


When it comes to ‘Priority seats’ I ask ‘Why Japanese people?’ 「優先席」に関しては、なぜ日本人はこのように行動するのですか?

“On my way home on a train in Kobe, I saw this: Someone lying down the priority seats, the seats meant for children, those who are pregnant, the elderly and the disabled. No one approached the person as they lay on the priority seats for as long as I was on the train..”

Barrier Free Disability J-Pop Japan

Underground star in a wheelchair to bring positivity to movie role

“Tomoka Igari is a member of the underground pop idol group “Kamen-Joshi” (masked girls). In April last year, she suffered a spinal cord injury when a strong wind caused a sign to fall onto her on a street in Tokyo. Igari will play a character called Hinata, who also uses a wheelchair and who encourages the depressed Nao with her positive attitude while undergoing rehabilitation at the same hospital.”

Disability History Japan

One-legged pilot training to rejoin unit [From The Japan Times 1944]

“[A]ttention may have been attracted by the pathetic yet manly sight of a young non-commissioned officer in the white uniform of an army patient, handling the plane and operating the rudder bar with his artificial limb. The young soldier is Sgt. Maj. Mitsumasa Seo, who, though minus one leg, is awaiting the day when he may again resume his service with the Army Air Corps, reports the Asahi.”

Disability Employment Japan Padded Jobs

Draft Employment Act For Disabled Persons to be announced by Japanese Parliament early January

“A draft of the bill to revise the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities submitted to the ordinary Diet session next year by the government will be announced on Thursday 3rd 2019 January, to deal with the problem in increasing the employment of persons with disabilities such as central ministries.”

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Kobe District Court hears first arguments over two couples ‘still suffering’ after forced sterilization

Plaintiffs are acting names of both Mr. Takaji Kobayashi (86) and Ms. Kimiko (86) in Akashi-shi, Aichi Prefecture, and Tatsuo Takao and Mrs. Namie in their 70s living in the prefecture. In September this year, two pairs have filed a lawsuit as the deaf blockers for the first time.

In the court of the day, Mr. Takaru appealed in sign language that “My dream of giving birth to a child was cut off, I regretted my teeth had been feeling frustrated.”

According to the complaint, Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi were aborted and sterilized without explanation immediately after marriage for 60 years. Mr. and Mrs. Takao were infertile surgery without explanation just before marriage in 1968.

The plaintiffs allege that the Constitution guaranteed by the old law infringed the right to pursue happiness and reproductive rights (sexual and reproductive rights).

Over the old law, a total of 15 people have filed suit in six nationwide districts so far. Discrimination has already begun in Tokyo, Sendai, Osaka etc.

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Man goes public in fight against gov’t over forced sterilization operation

“The 75-year-old man, now using the name of Saburo Kita is the fifth defendant to reveal his face among 13 who are suing the government over the sterilization procedure under the old law, and is a joint representative of a victims’ organization. The third hearing of his damages trial is scheduled to take place at the Tokyo District Court on Dec. 20.”

Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Swimming club highlights need to change Japanese society’s attitudes towards disability

“Amid growing public attention and heightened expectations for athletes with impairments ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, critics argue that not many people with a disability in Japan regularly exercise or play sports due to limited opportunities compared with those for people without a disability.”

Dementia Disability Japan

Japan’s 5 million dementia patients hold ¥143 trillion — and both numbers are on the rise

“a social worker in Kyoto, says she has seen many cases of dementia patients withdrawing large sums without a clear grasp of what they are doing or why. In one example, she said, a woman in her 90s withdrew ¥20 million ($266,000) of her savings at a grandson’s urging.
“She was saying she withdrew nine or ten. It took me a while to realize she was talking about a number of banknote rolls,” A roll is typically one hundred ¥10,000 notes. “It was clearly a case of abuse.”

Disability Independent Living Japan Nursing Care

Limits set for house calls by foreign nursing care workers in Japan

“Under the revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law (see below) set to take effect in April next year, foreign workers in the nursing care business will be in supplementary roles such as helping the elderly with eating and bathing at relevant facilities, and basically will not provide home-visit care services.”

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

‘Return my body that can bear children’: Testimony begins in Osaka eugenics case

“The central government has taken the stance that it will fight the suit demanding 33 million yen in compensation, but did not make any mention of its position on the constitutionality of the now-defunct law. Facing the courtroom to give her testimony, the woman lamented, “Give me back a body that can bear children.” “