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“I want to live in the community”: A play about life of severely disabled woman in Japan to be performed in Tokyo

“A drama that looks back on the lives of women with severe disabilities, who have been working to help people with disabilities to live in the community, will held at the Kunitachi Arts Center in Kunitachi City, on December 11th. The drama is about a disabled woman and the many barriers that she has overcome and the actions she has taken to the government.”

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Japan’s Transport Minister calls current bullet train booking system for wheelchair users “outrageous”, to set up study group to improve accessibility

“According to the rail companies, space for one or two wheelchairs is available on each bullet train. Users are requested to reserve them by telephone or at JR counters at least two days before boarding, in principle. At the committee meeting, Akaba called the system “outrageous.”“

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Japanese Disability Rights Group criticizes Labor Ministry as Disabled Employment Rate regularly falls below legal standard

“Last year there were a series of incidents found where the employment rate in Japan fell below the 2.5% required by law, despite each ministry promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Disabled People International argues that there is a lack of awareness about employment of people with disabilities.”

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“I want to enjoy my job without losing obstacles.” Thinking about disabilities within a community in Japan

““I want to enjoy my job without losing obstacles.” A seminar to think about how people with disabilities in a community with such thoughts can work by making use of their abilities will be held on December 6th 2019 in the complex facility “Nigiwai no Sato no Ichi Camino” in Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Young people who are active in the welfare field in European countries and think about how participants and people with disabilities work are invited. Participation is free.”

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“Discrimination without reasonable consideration”: disability group sues JR Kyushu station over ‘unmanned station’

“JR Kyushu is promoting the implementation of unmanned station in Oita city that discriminates against people with disabilities.
A civic group made up of people with disabilities and supporters will file a lawsuit seeking compensation from the Oita District Court on November 19th”

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Japanese technology advisor supports US IT firm Gartner’s prediction that by 2023, employment opportunities for the disabled will be tripled

“US IT firm Gartner predicts that in 2023 the employment opportunities for people with disabilities will triple. Opportunities will open not only to people with disabilities, but also to many people who have not been able to work for various reasons.”

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As Japan marks one month after deadly Typhoon Hagibis, twenty-six care facilities in affected areas remained damaged

“The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Tuesday that 26 nursing homes and group homes for elderly people with dementia in seven prefectures remain damaged after flooding. Some elderly residents have been forced to move multiple times during evacuation, which has had an adverse impact on their health.”

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A Railway Station worker in Japan offers advice on how to assist the disabled, begging the question: What is ‘reasonable accommodation?’

“If you are asked for assistance by a disabled person or an elderly person at the station, how far should you respond? A letter from an station employee of a Japanese railroad company sent to the ‘life section’ of The Chunichi Shimbun offered this advice…”

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After two and half years, Kanagawa high school students with intellectual disabilities at ‘mainstream’ schools will graduate in March 2020

“Two and a half years have passed since the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education accepted students with intellectual disabilities in ‘mainstream’ schools in three prefectural high schools. These students will graduate in March next year.”

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Disability action group asks why Japan aims for Universal Design Taxis but wheelchair users are often refused service

“There are universal design (UD) taxis in Japan which wheelchair users can use but often the driver refuses disabled people. The organization “DPI Japan” will conduct a survey to investigate such refusals in different areas of Japan. The DPI aims to improve the situation before many wheelchair users from overseas visit Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.”