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On Respect for the Aged Day 2020 Japan has 6.17 million people who are 65 years or older

The estimated number of people aged 65 or older in Japan stood at 36.17 million as of Tuesday, accounting for 28.7 pct of the nation’s total population, with both figures hitting record highs, an internal affairs ministry survey showed Sunday. The survey results were released ahead of Respect for the Aged Day on Monday, a national holiday.

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3.4 percent of new parents in Japan risk mental health issues

A team of Japanese researchers has found that 3.4 percent of couples raising children under the age of 1 are facing risks of mental health issues, it was learned Thursday. Both partners are experiencing downturns in their mental health due to such reasons as the husband having to work long hours and the wife being sleep-deprived, according to the study by the National Center for Child Health and Development.

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479 Leprosy Patients at Sanatorium Dissected after Death

National Sanatorium Kikuchi Keifuen, an isolation facility for leprosy patients in southwestern Japan, had dissected the bodies of 479 patients after death, the facility said.  The facility “cannot escape being accused of disrespecting he human rights,” the report said. The sanatorium also found that there was a period in which the facility made patients sign documents consenting to the dissection of their bodies after death.

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CEO of Saitama care facility for the disabled re-arrested on suspicion of assault

A 54-year-old CEO of a facility for people with disabilities has been arrested and charged with hitting a woman who had been admitted to a facility for the disabled in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. This was the second time the CEO was arrested after having been once arrested for sexually assaulting the woman at her home in Satte City, Saitama Prefecture in July. The CEO denies some of the accusations.

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Sixty-six new COVID-19 infections confirmed at Yokohama facility for the disabled

Yokohama City announced on September 10th that 66 men and women between the ages of 10 and 90 have been newly confirmed as infected with the new coronavirus. Three users and five staff members are newly infected at a facility for the disabled operated by the social welfare corporation “Shirane Gakuen” where a cluster has occurred.

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Relatives of people with disabilities in Japan feel the pain of visiting restrictions during pandemic

In residential facilities for children with severe disabilities who have both intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, on high alert to the possibility of new coronavirus infections, access problems continue.
Some parents have been unable to see their children for nearly half a year.

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Yokohama facility for people with intellectual disabilities with 40 COVID-19 cases suspends day care service

According to the municipal government , the outbreak was revealed in the Hikarinooka “Firefly” facility in Asahi Ward, Yokohama, which is a facility for people with intellectual disabilities. The social welfare corporation that manages the facility decides to suspend the use of day-care facilities for the time being.

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In Japan with an aging population “after-parent support notes” to help children with disabilities

After the death of a parent , there is a growing movement to create “support notes” that pre-write the medical care that children with severe disabilities should receive and the life they want to spend. Not only as a means of communicating with the people around the child, but also said that “I was able to sort out the necessary information and a little less anxiety.”

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Disability welfare facility managed by the company that ran ‘Sagamihara stabbings’ facility “locked up” residents to avoid new coronavirus infections

The activities of the residents were greatly restricted to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, and it appears they were locked up in their living rooms. Aina Yamayurien is managed by the social welfare corporation, ‘Kanagawa Kyokai’, which managed the Tsukui Yamayurien, where 19 former residents were killed four years ago by a former employee, Satoshi Uematsu.

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“How ALS patients can pass comfortably” writes the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

After the post on June 13 the next post is on July 22nd is titled “How ALS patients can pass comfortably.” This post includes a web link which is no longer available, but it seemed to have to do with Hayashi looking for ways to reduce respiratory distress when undergoing palliative care in the hope of a “peaceful end.”

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, underlying conditions are a problem for Paralympic athletes hoping to attend the delayed Tokyo 2020 Games ‬

Athletes seeking to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year and staff members are struggling to balance preparations to compete and measures against the novel coronavirus, officials at the Japanese Para-Sports Association have said in a recent interview. 

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

The late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient consulted with physicians as she thought about what to do with her ‘remaining time’

“Is it best to spend as little time as possible to keep the pace going forward, or is it better to work and do something even if it puts a strain on your body?”

The doctor answered without hesitation.

“It is better to do what you can while you are doing it.”

As soon as I heard the answer, I cried tears.”