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Japan’s ‘home visit’ care workers not to be given vaccine priority

The Japanese government wants to start priority vaccinations for the new coronavirus to care workers who work in facilities for the elderly. In fact, even in the same long-term care work, those who work in facilities such as elderly homes are eligible for priority vaccination, but those who work in home-visit care are not.

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Man arrested in Nara Prefecture allegedly killed disabled daughter “to escape this life”

The suspect who is thirty-six years old, is a cook in Uda City, Nara Prefecture, who was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, was at a special support school in Asuka Village, where his eldest daughter, Nanako (10), who was in the fourth grade of elementary school, which she attended on the afternoon of the 12th. There is a suspicion that Nanako was kidnapped.

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Japan court dismisses forced sterilization suit citing lack of evidence for surgery

However, the ruling said, “The possibility that she had the abortion due to economic reasons cannot be ruled out,” and stated it cannot be recognized that she was forced to have the surgery in accordance with the law. With regard to forced sterilization, the court said, “There is not enough evidence, such as a doctor’s opinion and photographs of surgery scars, to recognize that she underwent the surgery.”

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A disabled woman says of Japan’s PM Suga’s statement: “The Prime Minister’s words sounded to me more like ‘Die if you don’t have money'”

“The prime minister’s words sounded to me more like ‘Die if you don’t have money,’ passing over ‘We won’t help you until the very end.’ And it made me tear up,” a woman in her 30s in the western Japan city of Osaka said. Both she and her husband have disabilities, and live on welfare and disability pensions.

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Japan mayor apologies for saying about the developmentally disabled: “children who don’t end up that way may be able to spend their whole lives happily as abled people.”

During a “GM21 Meeting” between the prefectural governor of Saga and mayors of 20 municipalities within the prefecture on Jan. 26, Kanzaki Mayor Shigeyuki Matsumoto, 70, remarked, “If the cause can be ascertained, children who don’t end up that way (with developmental disabilities) may be able to spend their whole lives happily as abled people.”

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Employment of people with disabilities in Nagasaki increases by 2.61%

The Nagasaki Labor Bureau has summarized the employment situation of persons with disabilities in the prefecture (as of June 1, last year). In private companies, the actual employment rate, which indicates the ratio of persons with disabilities to employees, increased by 0.07 points from the previous year to 2.61%, the highest ever since the start of aggregation in 1977.

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Safety guidance for visually impaired people using QR to be introduced at Tokyo Metro 5 stations

Tokyo Metro announced on the 18th that it has developed a system that guides the visually impaired people safely in a station by reading a QR code on the Braille block with the camera of the smartphone and guiding the direction and distance by voice. It will be introduced at 5 stations in Tokyo from the 27th.

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Mistake made in Japan’s National University exam for the visually impaired

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations announced on the 17th and 16th that there was a mistake in the question booklet prepared for the visually impaired in the public examination of the common university entrance test. There is a special question booklet with enlarged letters, and two students nationwide used it. There were no mistakes in the questions in the regular booklet.

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Group home for intellectually disabled in Amami City destroyed by fire

A fire broke out in Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture on the night of the 14th, and one group home was completely destroyed. At the time of the fire, there were six men with intellectual disabilities in their 50s and 60s who moved into the facility, but all of them escaped safely under the guidance of the facility staff.

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Osaka Prefectural Police to encourage elderly drivers to try carless life

The Osaka prefectural police department plans to introduce a program allowing elderly drivers to experience what life without a car would be like before they actually surrender their licenses. The program will encourage elderly drivers to take public transportation or ride bicycles instead of driving a car. They will be allowed to drive while participating in the program.

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Survey conducted by Japanese newspaper reveals 80% of traffic signals to aid the blind turned off due to noise complaints

A survey conducted by the Japanese newspaper The Mainichi Shimbun that more than 80% of Japan’s accessible pedestrian signals, traffic lights that also produce sounds to let pedestrians with visual impairments know when it’s safe to cross the road, have their noise-making function muted for at least part of the day, the newspaper’s survey of the country’s 47 prefectural police forces has found.

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IPC confirms “period of stay guidelines” for Tokyo Paralympics

Para athletes taking part in the postponed Tokyo Games have been asked to arrive at the Paralympic village no earlier than seven days before the start of their first event, the International Paralympic Committee said Wednesday. The IPC guidelines are almost identical to those for Olympic athletes announced by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach last week.

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Former temporary worker arrested over alleged abuse at Aichi care home for the disabled, police investigate other possible incidents

A former temporary worker at a facility for the disabled in Higashiura Town, Aichi Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of injury for kicking the abdomen of a resident in his 50s and causing serious injury. The man subsequently died, and police are investigating whether there are multiple other residents with similar injuries.

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“We have a responsibility to explain things in detail and provide support for foreigners and those with disabilities”

Even though it takes time, we have a responsibility to explain things in detail and provide support for foreigners and those with disabilities”