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Sapporo facility for disabled children to be investigated after instance of abuse

According to the city government , a former male employee abused a child twice in May-July 2019. The male employee retired in August of the same year, but the city said that he was in violation of the obligation to respect persons with disabilities as specified by the Child Welfare Law. The city has not confirmed abuse of other users.

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People with disabilities in Japan face difficulties in applying for benefits amid coronavirus crisis

Along with the spread of the infection, a number of people who are visually or mentally handicapped are asking for assistance regarding the application for the “special fixed benefit” that pays 100,000 yen to the people. Some people give up attempting to apply because the documents and online procedures are difficult.

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Amid coronavirus crisis, Hyogo Prefecture city to extend financial support for disabled and elderly

Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, will expand public support for facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities. “Supporting money” is provided for continuing work while the new coronavirus infection spreads. For residents who cannot meet their family to prevent infection, the city will subsidize the cost of purchasing equipment so that an “online visit” is possible. Local products such as vegetables and meat will also be delivered to the facility.

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More instances of coronavirus found at Hokkaido facility for people with disabilities, a previous ‘cluster’ site

Hokkaido and Sapporo City announced on May 22nd that 6 people were confirmed as infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido. One person was confirmed at a facility for persons with disabilities and a medical institution where a cluster had previously been found. A new infection was confirmed by a male employee in his thirties who works at “Kouyoen”, a facility for the disabled in Engaru-cho, where 11 infected persons in total.

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Japan local gov’t distributes masks to most vulnerable as ‘Abenomasks’ hit by delays

In the city of Ise in Mie Prefecture, western Japan, the local government has started delivering 25 non-woven fabric masks each to pregnant women in the city, and from May 20 it also started supplying masks to 75 disability welfare services centers, with between 50 and 300 delivered depending on the size of the facilities.

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Double the number of welfare services in Kanagawa for people with disabilities closed due to the new coronavirus

In Kanagawa prefecture, where the declaration of emergency situation continues, it was found that the number of welfare services for persons with disabilities that are closed due to the spread of infection has doubled in the past month. On the other hand, although it has been closed for a while, the burden on the parties and family is increasing, and there is a movement to resume such services.

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120 people at Chiba welfare facility, site of ‘mass infection’ now test negative for COVID-19

Regarding a welfare facility for persons with disabilities in, Chiba Prefecture, where a mass infection occurred with approximately 120 new coronavirus cases found, the Prefectural government confirmed on the May 14 that recent COVID-19 tests, including those who were receiving treatment within the facility, came back negative.

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Changes in lifestyles during COVID-19 crisis causes anxiety for Hyogo disabled people

The spread of the new coronavirus affects people with disabilities who are more likely to feel anxiety about unexpected daily changes. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has called for the continued operation of facilities for the disabled as “necessary to maintain their lives,” but the facility has great conflicts regarding the prevention of infection. 99 out of the 2,600 outpatient facilities in Hyogo prefecture are closed, and users are facing a disruption in their rhythm of life and a large decrease in their income.

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As coronavirus means less customers, Hokkaido people with disabilities switch from serving coffee to making masks

The spread of the new coronavirus has brought about great changes in the working environment for people with intellectual disabilities who work in welfare work areas. While there are some people with disabilities who have seen a drastic decrease in work orders and are forced to work at home without assistance staff, there are also people with disabilities who work hard to contribute to the local community by making masks.

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Infection spreads in facilities for the disabled and elderly in Hokkaido, bringing total to 726 people

Hokkaido announced on the 29th that 38 people were confirmed  to be infected with COVID-19 in Hokkaido bringing the total number of infected people to 726. The infection has spread to facilities for the disabled and the elderly, with three new people being confirmed at the facility for the disabled, “Kouyoen”

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Japan care facility creates indoor hospital section after huge virus cluster found

To prevent the coronavirus spreading further, the facility’s interior is now split into “zones” based on the risk of infection. The residential area, which is prone to virus transmission, is labelled the “red zone,” and entry is prohibited to all but the on-site medical team and facility staff wearing protective gear.

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Name of care home where disabled residents were killed and injured registered with Japanese Sign Language Institute

As the disability welfare facility in Kanagawa; where 19 disabled residents and 26 others were injured by Satoshi Uematsu in July 2016, is rebuilt in a new location, part of the name of the old facility “Yamayuri” was registered with the Japanese Sign Language Institute on March 27 so that the massacre is not forgotten.

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As COVID-19 cases increase in Japan, disability researchers warn of ‘neglect’ and ‘crisis’

Professor Shinya Tateiwa of Ritsumeikan University, issued a statement in light of the spread of the new coronavirus, “so as not to neglect the lives of people with disabilities,” calling upon healthcare professionals. Amid concerns over the the healthcare delivery system, such as the lack of beds and respirators to accommodate patients, Tateiwa expressed a sense of crisis as his life could be selected.

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Anxiety rises at Chiba Prefecture facilities for disabled people as “non-contact type thermometer is not available”

Shigeo Hoshino, the manager of Akebono-no-en, said: “The country attaches great importance to refraining from going out and refraining from contact with people. I’m afraid of the spread of the infection because of the nature of the facility, which means that people live in groups. “

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Mental health consultations in Japan surged in April amid COVID-19 crisis

The number of such consultations received at mental health and welfare centers in the country’s 47 prefectures and 20 ordinance-designated big cities between April 1 and 30 stood at 4,946, according to the data.