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Disability Japan Sagamihara

Sagamihara massacre trial defendant’s former partner testifies to change in defendant’s attitude towards care home residents

The defendant’s former partner said that the defendant referred to the residents of the Tsukui Lily Garden care facility as “cute” two years before the incident, but that his way of describing the residents became more severe about seven months before the incident, that he began to speak of people with disabilities as “unproductive.”

Barrier Free Disability Japan Travel

Japan’s Transport Ministry plans to make Barrier-Free Services on Public Transport Mandatory

The ministry plans to make public transportation easily accessible to those with disabilities and the elderly by having the operators of taxis, buses and trains master how to use barrier-free equipment, such as slope boards for wheelchair users. A bill to revise a law on promoting the smooth transportation of elderly and disabled people will be submitted at the ordinary session of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, to be convened Monday.

Disability Japan Podcast Sagamihara

The 1st Podcast of 2020 from Disability News Japan

The first Disability News Japan Podcast of 2020!

A man accused of killing 19 residents and injuring dozens more at a care home for people with mental disabilities in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2016 said on Monday 23rd December that he will admit to charges of murder and attempted murder at his trial, slated to begin on January 8th. It was previously reported by Kyodo News that the he would plead not guilty.

Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Despite efforts to make Japan ‘barrier free’ as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games approaches, some people with disabilities see no improvement

While the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are touted as a chance to create a more inclusive society, a Kyodo News survey showed 66 percent of respondents did not see any improvement in accessibility or understanding of disabilities since 2013, when Tokyo was awarded hosting rights. In comparison, 34 percent said they had noticed progress.

Disability Employment Japan Padded Jobs

Despite rise in employment rate, thirty percent of Japanese private companies employ no people with disabilities

There are more than 460,000 persons with disabilities working in private companies across the Japan where employment of persons with disabilities is required, and this is the highest ever, while approximately 30% of companies do not employ any persons with disabilities, a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has shown.

Deaf Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Fukuoka hearing impaired couple file forced sterilization lawsuit

On December 24th, a hearing impaired couple from Fukuoka Prefecture filed a lawsuit at Fukuoka District Court on the grounds that they were forced to undergo infertility surgery under the old Eugenic Protection Act, an act which violated basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are seeking damages of 10 million yen.

Japan KyoAni Media

KyoAni case puts media at crossroads in divulging victims’ names in Japan

According to a petition claiming a violation of human rights brought to the Kyoto Bar Association in early December, even though the Kyoto police told news outlets that the family members had refused to release the names, news organizations did so anyway. Some argue the release of victims’ names is vital in reporting major criminal cases or accidents accurately and provides valuable lessons for society.