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Brain Disability Japan

Miyazaki Prefecture conducts survey of 43 rehabilitation facilities for people with “Higher brain dysfunction” for the first time

Miyazaki Prefecture has announced for the first time the facilities where rehabilitation is available in the prefecture for higher brain dysfunction, that is, when is a brain injury or illness that results in memory impairment and other problems. The information was revealed in a prefectural survey aimed at supporting the independence of people with disabilities, and is published on the website of the Miyazaki Prefectural Consultation Centre for the Physically Disabled in Miyazaki City.

Disability Employment Japan Mental Health

People with mental disabilities in Japan who work shorter hours to be included in the employment numbers

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) is planning to allow mentally disabled people who work 10-20 hours per week to be included in the employment rate for disabled people, which companies are obliged to employ. The aim is to encourage people with disabilities who have difficulty working long hours to take up employment.

Care Disability Japan Sagamihara

Operation of care home where 19 people with disabilities were murdered put out for tender, hope for new management in April 2023

The Kanagawa Prefectural Government has announced that it will transfer the operation of a facility in Yokohama City, where some of the residents of a Kanagawa prefectural facility for people with intellectual disabilities, where 19 people were murdered in Sagamihara City six years ago, to another corporation starting next April.

Barrier Free Deaf Disability Disasters Discrimination Japan

New law expected to be passed in current session of the Diet to support disabled in Japan during disasters, especially the needs of the deaf

Legislation is expected to be passed in the current parliamentary session to support persons with disabilities to obtain the same information they need in their daily lives and during disasters as able-bodied persons, with the aim of eliminating disparities. Issues have been raised regarding the acquisition of information by persons with disabilities, such as the fact that subtitles and sign language interpreters are sometimes not provided for disaster news.

Disability Japan Ukraine

Japanese international relations advisor translates testimony of disabled Ukrainians left behind in the maelstrom of war

Hiroshi Ueno, 72, a former international relations adviser for Kyosaren, a Japanese organisation for people with disabilities, translated testimonies from local families and began to disseminate them in order to convey the devastating situation of people with disabilities in Ukraine, where the military invasion by Russia is continuing.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Japan Medical Nursing Care

80 Pct of Nursing Staff in Japan Fear Getting COVID-19: Survey

The online survey, conducted by the Japanese Nursing Association on its members last autumn, obtained answers from around 5,100 members, with the response rate standing at 34.0 pct. The average age of respondents came to 41.3 and women accounted for 93.5 pct of all respondents. Of the respondents, 86.6 pct were nurses, while the rest were made up of midwives, public health nurses and others.

Care Crime Disability Japan

Former employee of facility for disabled arrested over suspected theft from resident’s bank account

On 4th April, a part-time worker at Okumachi Kyokumae, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of theft by the Aichi Prefectural Police, Inazawa Station for stealing a total of 400,000 yen in cash using cash cards obtained illegally from residents of a group home for disabled people where she used to work.

Abuse Disability Japan

143 people with disabilities abused in Hyogo prefecture in Fiscal Year 2020, the highest number ever, 40% higher from previous year

The number of confirmed cases of abuse of persons with disabilities in Hyogo Prefecture in FY2020 rose to 143, compared to the previous year. The number of cases increased by nearly 40% from 104, the prefectural government found. The increase is higher than the 1.09 times increase from the previous year in the national survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Disability Employment Japan Pandemic Welfare

Wages for disabled in Tochigi prefecture decreased for first time in 11 years in FY2020 to 16,405 Yen per month

The average monthly wage in FY2020 for persons with disabilities working at employment support facilities in Tochigi prefecture was 16,405 yen, down 5.3% (912 yen) from the previous year and the first decrease in 11 years, according to a report by the prefectural disability welfare department on 30 November.

Abuse Disability Japan

Record number of abuse of persons with disabilities reported in Japan, at least 2,665, at home or in institutions

In fiscal year 2020, the number of people with disabilities who were abused at home or in institutions in Japan totalled 2,665 as identified by local governments nationwide. This was an increase of 267 from the previous fiscal year. The number of consultations and reports also increased to 9,421, 902 more than the previous year, both of which are the highest numbers ever, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW) announced the number on March 29.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Japan

Japan to start preparations for administering 4th COVID vaccine shots

Japan will start preparations for the administration of fourth shots of coronavirus vaccines, a health ministry subcommittee agreed Thursday, after the government said it would procure additional doses from two U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

The details, including whether to actually administer the additional booster shots and who would be eligible, will be determined later.