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Japan’s Govt: 74% of elderly fully vaccinated but need to “speed up vaccinations” highlighted

“The number of seriously ill patients in the 40-to-early 60s age range is increasing, so it is necessary to speed up vaccinations. If this generation gets vaccinated, then the younger generations, which include their children, will be more willing to get the vaccine.”

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Employment Japan

Coronavirus pandemic hits employment opportunites for people with disabilities in Western Japan

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the facilities where people with disabilities work in Okayama Prefecture are under pressure. Events were cancelled one after another due to infection prevention measures, and opportunities to sell products such as handmade bread and handicrafts, which were sources of income, decreased sharply. This is because the number of orders from business partners has decreased significantly at business establishments that process parts as a subcontractor. Each facility is trying to find a way to develop sales channels and develop new products in order to support the lives of people with disabilities.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Employment Japan

Hokkaido’s Labour Bureau announces that employment rate for persons with disabilities in 2020 “lowest in the last 10 years”

The Hokkaido Labor Bureau announced that the employment rate of persons with disabilities through Hello Work in Hokkaido was 41.5% last year, the lowest in the last 10 years. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of job offers from companies is decreasing.