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Former employee of a facility for people with disabilities arrested, suspected of abuse due to “Stress of new coronavirus”

A camera in the facility shows multiple residents being assaulted, and a survey by Nishinomiya City revealed damage to a total of 10 men and women in their 20s and 50s in about a month. According to the city, the suspect admitted to the abuse and said, “I was busy and stressed by the new coronavirus.”

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63 new cases of coronavirus infections found in Kanagawa prefecture, many at care facilities

Yokohama City announced the infection of 42 people. A man in his 40s who used a facility for the disabled in the city was found to be infected, and the total number of infected people at this facility was four. It was also found that four women in their 40s who lived with the facility were infected on the 8th.

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Corona threatens the life of the visually impaired “It is difficult to give instructions to guide dogs with a mask”

A survey conducted by the Japan Guide Dog Association revealed that the spread of the new coronavirus has also caused problems in the lives of visually impaired people who use guide dogs. The plight of people with disabilities who find it inconvenient to wear a mask or to keep a distance from people has become clear.

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Sixty-six new COVID-19 infections confirmed at Yokohama facility for the disabled

Yokohama City announced on September 10th that 66 men and women between the ages of 10 and 90 have been newly confirmed as infected with the new coronavirus. Three users and five staff members are newly infected at a facility for the disabled operated by the social welfare corporation “Shirane Gakuen” where a cluster has occurred.

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Relatives of people with disabilities in Japan feel the pain of visiting restrictions during pandemic

In residential facilities for children with severe disabilities who have both intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, on high alert to the possibility of new coronavirus infections, access problems continue.
Some parents have been unable to see their children for nearly half a year.

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Yokohama facility for people with intellectual disabilities with 40 COVID-19 cases suspends day care service

According to the municipal government , the outbreak was revealed in the Hikarinooka “Firefly” facility in Asahi Ward, Yokohama, which is a facility for people with intellectual disabilities. The social welfare corporation that manages the facility decides to suspend the use of day-care facilities for the time being.