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Nagoya District Court rejects request for financial support to purchase suction equipment for junior high school student

The student expressed criticisms, saying that “The only thing that brought me to school was discrimination against disabilities.” He claimed that he violated the law, which requires local governments to take reasonable care to remove social obstacles.

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As coronavirus closes special needs schools Hokkaido disability groups request alternative arrangements

Following the closure of all special needs schools in Hokkaido due to the spread of the new coronavirus, parents and other groups have requested the Education Committee to create a place for children with disabilities.

Six organizations, including parents with children with disabilities, such as intellectual disability and autism, made requests to the school’s Board of Education, Yoshihiro Sato, and submitted a request.

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After two and half years, Kanagawa high school students with intellectual disabilities at ‘mainstream’ schools will graduate in March 2020

“Two and a half years have passed since the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education accepted students with intellectual disabilities in ‘mainstream’ schools in three prefectural high schools. These students will graduate in March next year.”

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Shizuoka prefecture’s board of education re-examines prefectural employment rate of disabled people

“The Shizuoka prefectural board of education re-examined all faculty and staff on the 2nd October on the issue of inflating the employment of persons with disabilities. As a result, the prefectural board of education employment rate of persons with disabilities was initially  reported to be 1.63%, the statutory employment rate (is 2 · 4%), which is the highest in the world. The actual figure was reported to be 2. 47%. day,  Kazuaki Naomi, the director of  prefectural assembly council of political affairs for Shizuoka explained.”

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Takarazuka City Board of Education member apologizes for remarks about disabled girl

“Takarazuka City Board of Education said on Monday that a male (72), who was a board of education, attending public elementary schools in the city, said something to a mother of a fourth-graded girl (9) suffering from incurable diseases ” that the city’s board of education recognized the remark as “discrimination”. The man submitted his resignation last month and it was accepted on the 26th.”