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Teacher at a special school in Japan under investigation after tweeting, “Children with disabilities, better not”

It was found that a female teacher in her 60s working at a special school in western Gunma Prefecture posted on Twitter content that discriminates against persons with disabilities. The prefectural board of education is also grasping the facts and considering the disposal of the teacher.

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Mistake made in Japan’s National University exam for the visually impaired

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations announced on the 17th and 16th that there was a mistake in the question booklet prepared for the visually impaired in the public examination of the common university entrance test. There is a special question booklet with enlarged letters, and two students nationwide used it. There were no mistakes in the questions in the regular booklet.

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As coronavirus closes special needs schools Hokkaido disability groups request alternative arrangements

Following the closure of all special needs schools in Hokkaido due to the spread of the new coronavirus, parents and other groups have requested the Education Committee to create a place for children with disabilities.

Six organizations, including parents with children with disabilities, such as intellectual disability and autism, made requests to the school’s Board of Education, Yoshihiro Sato, and submitted a request.

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After two and half years, Kanagawa high school students with intellectual disabilities at ‘mainstream’ schools will graduate in March 2020

“Two and a half years have passed since the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education accepted students with intellectual disabilities in ‘mainstream’ schools in three prefectural high schools. These students will graduate in March next year.”

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Shizuoka prefecture’s board of education re-examines prefectural employment rate of disabled people

“The Shizuoka prefectural board of education re-examined all faculty and staff on the 2nd October on the issue of inflating the employment of persons with disabilities. As a result, the prefectural board of education employment rate of persons with disabilities was initially  reported to be 1.63%, the statutory employment rate (is 2 · 4%), which is the highest in the world. The actual figure was reported to be 2. 47%. day,  Kazuaki Naomi, the director of  prefectural assembly council of political affairs for Shizuoka explained.”