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Ex-Doctor Denies Murder of ALS Patient at Kyoto Court

A former doctor on Monday pleaded not guilty of murdering an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patient in conspiracy with another doctor at the victim’s request.

 “I didn’t conspire or murder,” Naoki Yamamoto, 45, said in the first hearing of his trial at Kyoto District Court.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department confirms “A person was shot with a gun” in Machida, Tokyo

According to investigative sources, around 8:00 pm on May 26th, there was a call to 110 in Machida City, Tokyo, saying, “A person seems to have been shot with a handgun.” The Metropolitan Police Department is confirming the details of situation, m that there is one injured person and eyewitness information that two men escaped from the scene in a passenger car.

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Suspect in attack on Japan’s PM Kishida to undergo psychiatric observation until Sept 1

According to investigative sources, Kimura has remained silent about the allegations against him and details of his motives remain unclear. Law enforcers are planning to add charges of attempted murder and a violation of the Criminal Regulations to Control Explosives, after closely examining Kimura’s psychiatric and living conditions during his examination.

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‘Help’ Marks: On Being Forced to Accept Help as a Disabled Person in Japan

It happens often; someone comes from behind me and decides to ‘help’ me by grabbing the strap on my left arm and firmly placing it on my left shoulder. This is a painful and frightening experience, as since they often come from behind, I think I am being attacked and either way I have to put up with a few days of being in pain from my arm being yanked.

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Operator of Oita day-care facilities for disabled children received 34 million Yen in fraudulent payments

A company operating day care facilities for children with disabilities in nine locations in the prefecture, including Beppu City, was found to have fraudulently received approximately 34 million yen in benefits by padding the number of staff, and Oita Prefecture has decided to cancel the designation of the facilities.

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Documentary ‘On The Way Home’ alleges prejudice by police towards people with intellectual disabilities in Japan

At approximately 6PM on September 25th, 2007, 25-year-old Kenta Yasunaga was cycling home from a workshop he regularly attended in Saga Prefecture, southwestern Japan, when police officers attempted to stop him, believing him to be acting suspiciously. However, Kenta Yasunaga had difficulties in communicating due to his autism. Five officers seized him as he fiercely resisted and moaned in distress. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and he soon fell unconscious. Kenta Yasunaga would later die at the hospital to which he was taken and his cause of death was found to be acute cardiac arrest.