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Hyogo Investigation committee submits report on disabled man kept ‘caged’ in Sanda city

“The investigative committee that was charged with examining the correspondence and reports of the city in a case where a disabled man was confined by his father for over 20 years in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture, has produced a summary of report which suggests neglect was a factor in the disabled man’s death. In addition, the report recommends to periodically review the situation of persons with disabilities by reviewing manuals etc. so as to give priority to safety and livelihoods of persons with disabilities.”

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72-year-old mother arrested for killing her daughter, “I was pessimistic about the future.”

“Kanagawa Prefectural Police of Tama Police Station arrested Kono Matsunuma (72) of Nakanojima Tama-ku Kawasaki-shi for killing the eldest daughter on Monday, killing her eldest daughter. Her daughter’s, Hiroko san (46) died of suffocation and the investigation to switch charges to homicide. According to the police, Matsunuma allegedly insisted that “My daughter had congenital heart disease and I was pessimistic about the future.””