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Training to open a “welfare shelter” for disabled and elderly in disasters held in western Japan

“Training to open a “welfare shelter” that accepts victims who need assistance such as disabled people when a disaster occurs was held in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture on the 17th March. Approximately 40 people, including nine visually impaired people and city and center staff, participated in the training conducted at the Shiga Prefectural Center for the Visually Impaired in Hikone City.”

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Information leaflet for developmentally disabled people in quake affected Hokkaido produced

“The developmental disability information support center created a leaflet (Hokkaido version) for people who have developmental disabilities in the disaster area and those who support children. In the afflicted area, “There are various difficulties difficult to understand for those who do not know about disability”, and concrete introductions are given.”

Disability Disasters Japan

Parents of disabled son who died in West Japan floods speak about ‘family treasure’

“We wanted him to return alive. Kyohei Yamaguchi (20) of Imari city, Saga Prefecture, who went missing as a result of the heavy rain that struck West Japan, was near a disabled residential facility and his body was discovered on the coast, downstream, two days later. Kyohei was heavily autistic and loved the water. In the heavy rain, it seems that he was the only one entered the muddy stream to go to see the river. His parents trembled, “He was a treasure of our family.” ”