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Japanese man who attended school for impaired kids in China shares memories of war in DVD

A 94-year-old man who partially lost his hearing as a child and attended a school for visually and hearing-impaired children in China’s Dalian during the Second Sino-Japanese War has narrated his experiences in a new DVD set.

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Aomori based poet and illustrator self-published book ‘Where are my ears?’ about experiencing hearing loss in Japan

Reiji Oba (56), a poet and illustrator living in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, has self~published a picture book titled “Where are my ears?“ Oba portrayed worries and wishes after experiencing hearing loss due to a childhood illness. Oba says, “I want more people to read this picture book and be kind to the world.”

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Student rejected for part-time job as a poll worker in Japan’s October lower house election because of hearing impairment, Hakodate City Election Commission admits

The Mainichi Shimbun has reported that the Hakodate City Election Commission revealed that it had rejected an application from an 18-year-old male university student in Hakodate for a part-time job as a poll worker in the October lower house election because of his hearing impairment.

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Disability News Japan Episode 81: Hearing-impaired woman refused access to Yokohama ropeway

YOKOHAMA – In July in Naka-ku, Yokohama, a hearing-impaired woman tried to ride on a ropeway by herself, but was refused use because of her disability, according to an interview with a person concerned. It was reported that the business operator has stipulated in the manual that hearing-impaired people should not use it alone.

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During opening arguments over forced sterilization in Osaka, hearing impaired woman communicates through signer: “I would have a different life if I had children. I can’t forgive the country that made the law.”

The first oral argument in a lawsuit in which hearing-impaired people in Kansai sought compensation for damages from the government was held at the Osaka High Court on the 30th, alleging that they were forced to undergo fertility surgery under the former Eugenic Protection Law.

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NHK lauded for deaf interpreter use in Tokyo Games ceremony broadcasts

Broadcast via NHK’s educational channel, the deaf interpreters, for whom sign language is their first language, were able to convey more detailed and nuanced coverage of the Olympic closing ceremony and Paralympic opening ceremony by communicating information provided to them by signers who can hear.

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Junior High School Girl Sues Kitakyushu Welfare Agency for Misdiagnosing Hearing Loss as Intellectual Disability

A 13-year-old junior high school girl with a hearing impairment in Kitakyushu City was mistakenly diagnosed with intellectual disability in her childhood without undergoing proper examination at the Municipal General Rehabilitation Center, and it took about seven and a half years until she was actually found to be deaf.

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After a hearing-impaired person was refused care, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare requests local gov’ts use sign language during pandemic

After a hearing-impaired person infected with the new corona virus was refused the use of accommodation facilities because it was difficult to communicate by telephone, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has issued a notice to local governments asking them to introduce remote sign language interpretation and written communication so that people with hearing disabilities infected with the new coronavirus can use facilities.