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Coronavirus Vaccination Tickets to Be Sent to Elderly People from Mid-March

According to the ministry, the vaccination tickets will be sent to about 36 million elderly people, who are third priority for vaccinations, after the first group of 10,000 to 20,000 medical workers and the second of 3.7 million other medical workers.

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Osaka Prefectural Police to encourage elderly drivers to try carless life

The Osaka prefectural police department plans to introduce a program allowing elderly drivers to experience what life without a car would be like before they actually surrender their licenses. The program will encourage elderly drivers to take public transportation or ride bicycles instead of driving a car. They will be allowed to drive while participating in the program.

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On Respect for the Aged Day 2020 Japan has 6.17 million people who are 65 years or older

The estimated number of people aged 65 or older in Japan stood at 36.17 million as of Tuesday, accounting for 28.7 pct of the nation’s total population, with both figures hitting record highs, an internal affairs ministry survey showed Sunday. The survey results were released ahead of Respect for the Aged Day on Monday, a national holiday.

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Japan supermarket starts ‘Slow Register’ checkout lane for elderly, disabled

The “Slow Register” campaign was proposed by Kaori Abe, 53, who runs a city-based nonprofit organization that supports elderlies and people with disabilities. The idea came after older people would often tell her things like, “I take time to take out cash from my wallet, and feel pressured if a line has formed behind me,” and, “I get hesitant to go shopping after people in the line behind me show their irritation.” It’s the first initiative of its kind in the Kyushu region, according to Abe.