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Japan’s Govt: 74% of elderly fully vaccinated but need to “speed up vaccinations” highlighted

“The number of seriously ill patients in the 40-to-early 60s age range is increasing, so it is necessary to speed up vaccinations. If this generation gets vaccinated, then the younger generations, which include their children, will be more willing to get the vaccine.”

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Elderly Japan

Elderly vaccination pace varies among cities in Japan

A survey found that four cities — including Sakai, Osaka Prefecture — have administered a first shot to over 50% of their populations, while another 14 cities — including Yamaguchi — have cleared the 40% threshold. Rounding out the bottom of the list were 15 municipalities where fewer than 20% of elderly residents had received their first shot.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Elderly Japan

Fukushima Prefecture provides online training on infection control for elderly and disabled people

On May 25, Fukushima Prefecture held an online training session on countermeasures against the new coronavirus for employees of facilities for the elderly and disabled. The purpose was to prevent the outbreak of clusters. This is the first time that a prefectural government has held a training session for elderly welfare facilities and support facilities for the disabled.