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Kobe apartment house fire kills four elderly men

A fire that broke out at an apartment house in Kobe City, western Japan early Sunday claimed the lives of four men between the ages of 77 and 86.

A resident said many of those occupying the five square-meter rooms were elderly people who lived alone. Many of those living on the first floor were people with disabilities, including some using wheelchairs.

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Japan to encourage online medical care as COVID, flu spread in winter

Japan’s health ministry said Thursday those at low risk of developing serious coronavirus symptoms will be encouraged to use at-home test kits and online medical services this winter, when COVID-19 and seasonal influenza are expected to spread simultaneously.

The measures, which assume a peak of 750,000 cases per day, seek to lessen the burden on hospitals and prioritize medical care for the elderly amid warnings of another surge of viruses during the upcoming colder months.