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Staff member at facility for disabled people in Tokyo found to be infected with the new coronavirus

One employee in his thirties who works at a facility for disabled people in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, was found to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the ward is calling for more thorough prevention of infection.

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Japan supermarket starts ‘Slow Register’ checkout lane for elderly, disabled

The “Slow Register” campaign was proposed by Kaori Abe, 53, who runs a city-based nonprofit organization that supports elderlies and people with disabilities. The idea came after older people would often tell her things like, “I take time to take out cash from my wallet, and feel pressured if a line has formed behind me,” and, “I get hesitant to go shopping after people in the line behind me show their irritation.” It’s the first initiative of its kind in the Kyushu region, according to Abe.