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More spaces for wheelchairs on the Tokaido Bullet train

The new Tokaido Shinkansen, which will run from the 20th, will have four more seats for wheelchairs, for a total of six seats.

Disability Japan Sagamihara Paralympics

Mayor of Japanese City at site where people with disabilities were killed to re-consider location of Paralympic torch ceremony

Kentaro Motomura, the Mayor of Sagamihara City, spoke at a regular press conference on the 20th about the intellectually disabled facility “Tsukui Yamayurien” where 19 residents were killed in July 2016. Mayor Motomura said: “I want to make a comprehensive judgment, including changing the location,” he said. The bereaved families were asking the city to cancel the event.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Deaf Disability Hearing Impaired Japan

As the pandemic continues, Nagoya based groups for the Deaf and hearing impaired raise concerns about masks hindering communication

As the new coronavirus spreads, a group of people concerned in Nagoya city, say “We have collected the real voices of people with hearing disabilities in the coronavirus disaster.” Wearing masks and other measures to prevent infection seem to be detrimental to the communication of deaf and deaf-blind people, who read words from the movement of their mouths and the shape of their fingers.

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Kyoto District Court suspends Child Support Allowance because mother was receiving a disability pension

Mayu Yamada, a single parent with four children, was receiving child support allowance when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was awarded a basic disability pension in April 2017. However, in January 2006, Kyoto Prefecture suspended her child support allowance on the grounds that she was receiving a disability pension.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan

Ibaraki Prefecture decides staff and residents at facilities for people with disabilities are to be given vaccine priority

The vaccine for the new coronavirua has begun to be given to the elderly on a priority basis, Ibaraki Prefecture has decided that residents and staff of facilities for the disabled will also be newly subject to priority vaccination, following a series of clusters of infected people at several facilities for the disabled in the prefecture.