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Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Tokyo Paralympics Doctor Has Mixed Feelings amid Pandemic

“When I think about the feelings of athletes, I want the games to be held, but I also see difficulties,” said Takaaki Aoki, a 58-year-old specially appointed associate professor at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery of Gifu University School of Medicine.

Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

International Paralyimic Committee Chief says Tokyo 2020 Games will be most important in history, bringing back “persons with disabilities to the center of the inclusion agenda”

“…we need to bring back persons with disabilities to the center of the inclusion agenda. We want to change the behavior of society towards persons with disabilities at a global level,” he said. “We are very ambitious. We want the games to change the world.”

Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Father of Paralympian Runs in Shimane Olympic Torch Relay

Shigeyuki Miwa, 61, is a doctor at a hospital in the town of Tsuwano who administers vaccinations to local elderly people. His second daughter, Junko Hirose, a 30-year-old visually impaired judo athlete, is slated to represent Japan at the Tokyo Paralympics this summer. Miwa has inoculated some 2,400 people since late April, working even on the day before the relay.

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Kanagawa prefectural government reveals cases of abuse at care home for people with disabilities, residents locked in rooms and tied to wheelchairs for eight hours

According to the Kanagawa prefectural government, in February of this year, it was confirmed that twenty-two users of the Nakai Yamayurien facility for the disabled were physically restrained for more than eight hours, including being kept in locked rooms and tied to wheelchairs.