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Nagoya Mayor apologizes for discriminatory remarks by some participants in ‘Barrier-Free Castle debate’ toward people with disabilities

Mayor Kawamura is concerned that some participants made discriminatory remarks against people with disabilities at a public debate held on June 3rd regarding barrier-free measures for the Nagoya Castle tower, which the city of Nagoya is aiming to restore as a wooden structure. He apologized, saying that he should have called attention to it when speaking.

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70% of the visually impaired in Japan have difficulty using smartphones and PCs, National group survey indicates

A survey conducted by the Japan Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (JFV), a national organization, revealed on May 31 that of 853 people with disabilities surveyed regarding the use of digital devices such as smartphones and PCs, nearly 70% of the respondents answered that they have difficulties in terms of operating and other skills (technical skills). As digitization continues to advance, how to provide support for people with disabilities will become an issue.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department confirms “A person was shot with a gun” in Machida, Tokyo

According to investigative sources, around 8:00 pm on May 26th, there was a call to 110 in Machida City, Tokyo, saying, “A person seems to have been shot with a handgun.” The Metropolitan Police Department is confirming the details of situation, m that there is one injured person and eyewitness information that two men escaped from the scene in a passenger car.

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Suspect in attack on Japan’s PM Kishida to undergo psychiatric observation until Sept 1

According to investigative sources, Kimura has remained silent about the allegations against him and details of his motives remain unclear. Law enforcers are planning to add charges of attempted murder and a violation of the Criminal Regulations to Control Explosives, after closely examining Kimura’s psychiatric and living conditions during his examination.

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Magazine ‘Newsweek Japan’ Calls ‘Hiroshima Mazda disability TikTok Video’ Apology “unbelievable”

On May 17th ‘Newsweek Japan’ published an editorial saying it: “…served as a reminder of how far Japanese corporate society is separated from global standards…the apology was unbelievable, as it apologised not to the disabled but to “customers and all concerned” for “causing concern and inconvenience”.