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914 Cases of Inappropriate Care Found at Nurseries in Japan

Japan has confirmed 914 cases of inappropriate child care, including 90 cases of abuse, at nursery schools across the country between April and December 2022, a survey by the Children and Families Agency showed Friday. Of the 90 abuse cases, there were 36 cases of physical abuse, 42 cases of mental abuse, 20 cases of sexual abuse and four neglect cases. They include cases involving two or more abuse types.

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Over 10% of kids with COVID-related brain disease in Japan died

More than 10 percent of children in Japan who developed acute brain syndrome after infection with COVID-19 have died, results of a nationwide survey recently announced by a health ministry research team has shown.
The survey identified 34 cases of acute encephalopathy associated with COVID-19 infection among those under 18 between January 2020 and May 2022. The team analyzed 31 patients who did not have any underlying illnesses that could be responsible for causing the brain disease.

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Anorexia Cases Up 60 percent among Youth in Japan amid Pandemic

New anorexia cases among people younger than 20 in Japan grew 60 pct from the previous year in fiscal 2020 amid the novel coronavirus crisis, a survey by the National Center for Child Health and Development showed Thursday.

“Stress and anxiety stemming from school closures due to the pandemic and other reasons might have affected them,” the center said.