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Staff at Fukuoka facility for children with disabilities suspected of abuse

During an investigation where a female employee was arrested for assaulting a child with a disability at a welfare facility in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, it was discovered that several other employees were suspected of abusing the child.

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Anorexia Cases Up 60 percent among Youth in Japan amid Pandemic

New anorexia cases among people younger than 20 in Japan grew 60 pct from the previous year in fiscal 2020 amid the novel coronavirus crisis, a survey by the National Center for Child Health and Development showed Thursday.

“Stress and anxiety stemming from school closures due to the pandemic and other reasons might have affected them,” the center said.

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Unlicensed childcare facilities in Tokyo may be in violation of Japan’s Anti Disability Discrimination Laws

The Mainichi Shimbun has learned that the rules of an unlicensed childcare facility in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward that offers sports education include a statement to the effect that children with developmental disabilities may be asked to leave the facility if they have trouble living at the school. This may be in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act, which prohibits discriminatory treatment of people with disabilities.