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ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

“Once again – I haven’t heard from you -” writes the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

It seems Hayashi’s PC stopped working after her post on July 10 2018, for “almost a month”.

On August 25 2018, she posts again. In this post, Hayashi seems to have put her plans to die in Switzerland – which she calls “the theme of this blog” – on pause for the time being.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

The late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient consulted with physicians as she thought about what to do with her ‘remaining time’

“Is it best to spend as little time as possible to keep the pace going forward, or is it better to work and do something even if it puts a strain on your body?”

The doctor answered without hesitation.

“It is better to do what you can while you are doing it.”

As soon as I heard the answer, I cried tears.”

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Coronavirus woes leads to 1,104 of Japan’s people with disabilities losing their jobs

Between February and June this year, the number of persons with disabilities who had been dismissed from companies was 1,104, an increase of 152 (16.0%) compared to the same period last year, according to a summary by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare by August 4th. One of the reasons is that it became impossible to maintain employment due to the deterioration of business as the new coronavirus spread.

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Japanese Lawmaker with ALS points to need for online Diet session

In a recent interview, Yasuhiko Funago, a member of the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, said, ” I had to make the tough decision of not attending the Diet session for a few days between late February and early March, amid the spread of the novel coronavirus in Japan.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

‘“Understanding” makes my heart lighter’, the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient on why she writes a blog

“The reason I started blogging and Twitter was the story of a patient I heard from a helper. The woman, who is still young, has been fighting illness since she was born with cerebral palsy. She seems to have difficulty in pronouncing words and can express her feelings only occasionally.”