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Former Aichi facility worker sentenced to three years for assaulting people with intellectual disabilities

Defendant Mizuno apologized in the final statement, crying, “I never hated the residents and I don’t know why I did that.”

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Almost one year after actions of staff “recognized by the Kobe Municipal Government as sexual abuse” committee finds care home to have provided residents with “inappropriate care”

An independent committee established with the approval of the city of Kobe recently compiled and released a report on the Rokko Tsurujuen, a social welfare corporation in Nada Ward, Kobe City, which has been found to have provided inappropriate care to the elderly and whose employees complained of power harassment.

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Father of a child with a disability condemns sacked composer for the Tokyo 2020 Games who abused disabled children

“As a parent, I have no words to describe what my child has been through at school. What kind of nerve is it to make fun of that as an adult? It’s a dark joke that a song by someone like this should be played at the Paralympics. It could be traumatic. Even if it happened 27 years ago, it’s not acceptable.”