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Former employee of ‘after school care service’ arrested for sexually assaulting girl with intellectual disabilities

A former employee of the facility was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for sexually assaulting a girl with intellectual disabilities who attended a facility in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, and for taking a picture of the situation with a smartphone.

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Former employee of a facility for people with disabilities arrested, suspected of abuse due to “Stress of new coronavirus”

A camera in the facility shows multiple residents being assaulted, and a survey by Nishinomiya City revealed damage to a total of 10 men and women in their 20s and 50s in about a month. According to the city, the suspect admitted to the abuse and said, “I was busy and stressed by the new coronavirus.”

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CEO of Saitama care facility for the disabled re-arrested on suspicion of assault

A 54-year-old CEO of a facility for people with disabilities has been arrested and charged with hitting a woman who had been admitted to a facility for the disabled in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. This was the second time the CEO was arrested after having been once arrested for sexually assaulting the woman at her home in Satte City, Saitama Prefecture in July. The CEO denies some of the accusations.

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Disability welfare facility managed by the company that ran ‘Sagamihara stabbings’ facility “locked up” residents to avoid new coronavirus infections

The activities of the residents were greatly restricted to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, and it appears they were locked up in their living rooms. Aina Yamayurien is managed by the social welfare corporation, ‘Kanagawa Kyokai’, which managed the Tsukui Yamayurien, where 19 former residents were killed four years ago by a former employee, Satoshi Uematsu.

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Amid COVID-19 crisis in Japan, an investigation into abuse of disabled people at a care home and site of mass murder is dismissed

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the investigation into abuse of people with disabilities at a facility in Kanagawa prefecture is about to be dismissed. New suspicions of abuse emerged last autumn regarding the “Tsukui Yamayurien” facility in Sagamihara City, in Kanagawa Prefecture, which became a stage of mass murder four years ago. The prefecture suddenly announced on May 18 that it would stop verifying cases of abuse, and some are skeptical.

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Sapporo facility for disabled children to be investigated after instance of abuse

According to the city government , a former male employee abused a child twice in May-July 2019. The male employee retired in August of the same year, but the city said that he was in violation of the obligation to respect persons with disabilities as specified by the Child Welfare Law. The city has not confirmed abuse of other users.