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Director of Saitama facility for people with disabilities accused of quasi-obscenity: “I did it as part of my education”

The suspect is believed to have committed the crime when he was alone with a woman after training, and said to the investigation, “There is no doubt that I did engage in sexual acts, but I did it as part of my education.’

Disability Japan Sexual abuse

Osaka man receives three years prison sentence, suspended for five years for indecent assault against woman with intellectual disabilities

It took more than four hours for the woman to verbally testify about the damage she suffered, which was a decisive factor in the indictment of Kanta Ogura, 40, a former company employee in Sakai City, Osaka, for indecent assault.

Ogura was sentenced to three years in prison suspended for five years with probation, as he had demonstrated an attitude of remorse.

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Fukuoka man, 73, arrested for obscenity after allegedly touching developmentally disabled high school girl

The man is suspected of touching her body from the top of her clothes when a high school girl (16) was in a state of confusion at around 4 pm on May 31 in an apartment in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. She denies the charges, saying “she doesn’t remember.” The high school girl has a developmental disability and she had little awareness of what she was doing.

Crime Disability Japan Sexual abuse

Osaka District Public Prosecutor’s Office to conduct a “representative hearing” into sexual offences against people with intellectual disabilities, with a hope to relieve “mental burden”

The Osaka District Public Prosecutor’s Office is collaborating with the Osaka Prefectural Police Department. The focus concerns victims of sex crimes with intellectual, and a senior prosecutor said, “The characteristics and degree of disability vary from person to person. We are carefully considering what method is appropriate.”

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Intellectually disabled woman in Nagano awarded damages for sexual abuse at care facility

“A 20-year-old woman in Nagano prefecture with an intellectual disability sued a facility on the grounds of sexual abuse from a male staff member. A judgment was made requiring damages of about 12 million yen against the administrative institution in Shiojiri City with the authority to investigate and supervise the corporation, the prefecture, to held at Matsumoto district court on Thursday.”