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Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan

Staff member at facility for disabled people in Tokyo found to be infected with the new coronavirus

One employee in his thirties who works at a facility for disabled people in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, was found to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the ward is calling for more thorough prevention of infection.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan

Nagasaki group to donate unwanted ‘Abe masks’ to disability facilities

A group of women in Higashisonogawa, Kawatana “Wahaha de Mina” (representative Naoko Fujita) has called on people to donate unwanted cloth masks distributed by the government to all households to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. For up to 30 days, collection boxes will be installed at convenience stores in the town. The collected masks are handed over to the disabled facilities in the town.

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Sapporo facility for disabled children to be investigated after instance of abuse

According to the city government , a former male employee abused a child twice in May-July 2019. The male employee retired in August of the same year, but the city said that he was in violation of the obligation to respect persons with disabilities as specified by the Child Welfare Law. The city has not confirmed abuse of other users.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Hokkaido Japan

More instances of coronavirus found at Hokkaido facility for people with disabilities, a previous ‘cluster’ site

Hokkaido and Sapporo City announced on May 22nd that 6 people were confirmed as infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido. One person was confirmed at a facility for persons with disabilities and a medical institution where a cluster had previously been found. A new infection was confirmed by a male employee in his thirties who works at “Kouyoen”, a facility for the disabled in Engaru-cho, where 11 infected persons in total.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan

Japan local gov’t distributes masks to most vulnerable as ‘Abenomasks’ hit by delays

In the city of Ise in Mie Prefecture, western Japan, the local government has started delivering 25 non-woven fabric masks each to pregnant women in the city, and from May 20 it also started supplying masks to 75 disability welfare services centers, with between 50 and 300 delivered depending on the size of the facilities.