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Kanagawa Governor Kuroiwa inspects facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities

Nakai Yamayurien, a prefectural facility for the mentally disabled located in Nakai Town, was found to have locked two residents in their rooms for more than 8 hours on multiple occasions in February of this year, which was recognized as abuse as it was more physical restraint than necessary. It was also found that there was a case where a child was confined to a private room for more than 20 hours, although it was not recognized as abuse.

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Almost one year after actions of staff “recognized by the Kobe Municipal Government as sexual abuse” committee finds care home to have provided residents with “inappropriate care”

An independent committee established with the approval of the city of Kobe recently compiled and released a report on the Rokko Tsurujuen, a social welfare corporation in Nada Ward, Kobe City, which has been found to have provided inappropriate care to the elderly and whose employees complained of power harassment.

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Unlicensed childcare facilities in Tokyo may be in violation of Japan’s Anti Disability Discrimination Laws

The Mainichi Shimbun has learned that the rules of an unlicensed childcare facility in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward that offers sports education include a statement to the effect that children with developmental disabilities may be asked to leave the facility if they have trouble living at the school. This may be in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act, which prohibits discriminatory treatment of people with disabilities.