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Disability News Japan Episode 81: Hearing-impaired woman refused access to Yokohama ropeway

YOKOHAMA – In July in Naka-ku, Yokohama, a hearing-impaired woman tried to ride on a ropeway by herself, but was refused use because of her disability, according to an interview with a person concerned. It was reported that the business operator has stipulated in the manual that hearing-impaired people should not use it alone.

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During opening arguments over forced sterilization in Osaka, hearing impaired woman communicates through signer: “I would have a different life if I had children. I can’t forgive the country that made the law.”

The first oral argument in a lawsuit in which hearing-impaired people in Kansai sought compensation for damages from the government was held at the Osaka High Court on the 30th, alleging that they were forced to undergo fertility surgery under the former Eugenic Protection Law.

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‘Keep-the-way-open’ rule on escalators at train stations in Japan remains a barrier to people with disabilities

Escalators at train stations in Japan suggest that on one side it is acceptable to stand and that it is acceptable to move on the other side. In Tokyo you stand on the left, leaving the right side free for people move, whilst in Osaka, the etiquette is reversed, you stand on the right side, leaving the left side for people to walk quickly. However, such an arrangement makes it difficult for people with disabilities to use escalators, especially at train stations where people are often in a rush.

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Kanagawa prefecture offers settlement after care home resident at facility for people with disabilities chokes on bread

On November 22nd, Kanagawa Prefecture made a statement about an accident in which a man got bread lodged in his throat and fell unconscious in October last year at the prefectural facility for the people with intellectual disabilities “Nakai Yamayurien” or “Nakai Town”. The prefecture announced it would pay about 26 million Yen to settle the matter. The man, who was a resident at the facility, is still in the hospital as he is still unconscious.

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One arrested after house in Chiba burns down killing two residents with disabilities

A house fire that broke out in Sangawa, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture on the morning of the 17th, killing two male residents, has led to an arson and murder investigation. On the night of the 18th, the Chiba prefectural police arrested a 65-year-old unemployed person who lives in this house on suspicion of arson and murder. The deceased, a man aged 32 and his father, aged 67 had severe physical disabilities, and it is possible that the attack was motivated by fatigue from long-term care and pessimism about the future.