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Ex-Doctor Denies Murder of ALS Patient at Kyoto Court

A former doctor on Monday pleaded not guilty of murdering an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patient in conspiracy with another doctor at the victim’s request.

 “I didn’t conspire or murder,” Naoki Yamamoto, 45, said in the first hearing of his trial at Kyoto District Court.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department confirms “A person was shot with a gun” in Machida, Tokyo

According to investigative sources, around 8:00 pm on May 26th, there was a call to 110 in Machida City, Tokyo, saying, “A person seems to have been shot with a handgun.” The Metropolitan Police Department is confirming the details of situation, m that there is one injured person and eyewitness information that two men escaped from the scene in a passenger car.

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Suspect in attack on Japan’s PM Kishida to undergo psychiatric observation until Sept 1

According to investigative sources, Kimura has remained silent about the allegations against him and details of his motives remain unclear. Law enforcers are planning to add charges of attempted murder and a violation of the Criminal Regulations to Control Explosives, after closely examining Kimura’s psychiatric and living conditions during his examination.

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Magazine ‘Newsweek Japan’ Calls ‘Hiroshima Mazda disability TikTok Video’ Apology “unbelievable”

On May 17th ‘Newsweek Japan’ published an editorial saying it: “…served as a reminder of how far Japanese corporate society is separated from global standards…the apology was unbelievable, as it apologised not to the disabled but to “customers and all concerned” for “causing concern and inconvenience”.

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神戸の多くの地下鉄駅はなぜ「優先席」車両をエレベーターから可能な限り遠くに配置しているように見えるのでしょうか? 長時間動けないので私たちはエレベーターに乗っていますが、どうやらエレベーターから降りて数分間歩くことが求められているようです。