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914 Cases of Inappropriate Care Found at Nurseries in Japan

Japan has confirmed 914 cases of inappropriate child care, including 90 cases of abuse, at nursery schools across the country between April and December 2022, a survey by the Children and Families Agency showed Friday. Of the 90 abuse cases, there were 36 cases of physical abuse, 42 cases of mental abuse, 20 cases of sexual abuse and four neglect cases. They include cases involving two or more abuse types.

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Japan to Review Foreign Worker Regulations to Ease Labor shortage in Care Sector

The Japanese government is considering expanding the scope of duties foreign carers can perform to alleviate chronic labor shortages in the nursing care sector, it has been learned.

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry plans to review current regulations, including a rule that blocks foreign workers from conducting home visits.

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Japanese University Student with Intractable Condition Plans Show to Bring Disabled Children to a Fashion Runway

Torii Mozu, 20, a second-year university student from Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, who is a wheelchair user due to an incurable disease and works as a model and influencer, will hold a fashion show by children with disabilities in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, on May 21. She hopes that the next generation will be able to do what she was unable to do when she was a teenager,” says Torii, who is now trying to open up a new path.

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35% of Chiba residents with disabilities “felt” human rights violations

The results of the prefectural government’s Internet survey revealed that 35.3% of Chiba residents answered that they “felt” human rights violations against the disabled, and more than one out of three people believe that there are human rights violations. 17.3% answered that they “felt” human rights violations against LGBT and other sexual minorities.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Hiroshima Mazda Car Dealer’s TikTok Video Imitating Wheelchair Users Causes Firestorm Online

A spokesperson for Hiroshima Mazda said, “We recognize that the thoroughness of our employee training up to now has not been sufficient. Although we did not intend to do so, we have made thorough efforts to understand how the other side will perceive us, both when we joined the company and during subsequent training. I think we have to go forward,” he said.

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Support for people with disabilities lecture in Gunma discusses “life-prolonging treatment”

In 2021, Keiko Emura lost her son at the age of 33. She recalls that the decision to end-of-life care was extremely difficult, but she points out that she was able to “live the way she is now because she was able to see the end of her child’s life.” She said that it is important for parents and children to discuss life-prolonging treatment in case of an emergency.