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“I don’t know the direction”: Braille blocks buried in heavy snow hinders visually impaired people in Shimane

Braille blocks that serve as guideposts for the visually impaired continue to be buried in snow due to prolonged snowfall. Snow piled up on the utility poles and walls that mark the corners, making it difficult to find the way without an attendant. Commuting and shopping have already affected the lives of the parties, and the parties and related parties are struggling.

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Male JR East station staff attendant allegedly made numerous sexually explicit comments towards visually impaired woman

According to the JR East Metropolitan Area Headquarters, between around October last year and January this year, a male station staff member asked a visually impaired woman using the station, “I’d give you a piggy-back ride” and “Isn’t your chest heavy? Do you want me to carry you?” and other comments. After asking the woman what time she would be home, he invited her out to dinner and said he would go to her house.

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Japan’s Supreme Court upholds ruling denying the establishment of massage schools for visually impaired

The Osaka-based school corporation ‘Heisei Healthcare Academy’ had previously filed three lawsuits across the country, in Sendai, Tokyo and one other in Osaka, arguing that a law that regulates the establishment of anma massage shiatsu teacher training schools for visually impaired people, violates the “freedom of choice of occupation” guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.