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“We roast with our ears”: Visually impaired workers in Saitama roast coffee beans through sounds

The coffee, roasted at a welfare workshop Ryoke Green Gables in Ageo, Saitama Prefecture, is labeled “We roast with our ears” on the package, and has gained popularity by word of mouth.

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Japan’s Supreme Court upholds ruling denying the establishment of massage schools for visually impaired

The Osaka-based school corporation ‘Heisei Healthcare Academy’ had previously filed three lawsuits across the country, in Sendai, Tokyo and one other in Osaka, arguing that a law that regulates the establishment of anma massage shiatsu teacher training schools for visually impaired people, violates the “freedom of choice of occupation” guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.

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Visually impaired people in Japan with coronavirus did not get enough support during the fifth wave, group for the blind says

According to the Japan Association of Visually Impaired Persons, the new coronavirus has been effecting the visually impaired one after another since last year, and multiple infections were confirmed in the fifth wave of this summer when the infection spread rapidly.