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神戸の多くの地下鉄駅はなぜ「優先席」車両をエレベーターから可能な限り遠くに配置しているように見えるのでしょうか? 長時間動けないので私たちはエレベーターに乗っていますが、どうやらエレベーターから降りて数分間歩くことが求められているようです。

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Tokyo-Area Train Fares Raised by 10 Yen, a “barrier-free fee” to Improve Accessibility

East Japan Railway Co, or JR East, Tokyo Metro Co. and other railway operators raised their regular fares for train services in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures by 10 yen on Saturday.

These companies will use increased revenues to install elevators and platform doors and make other efforts to improve barrier-free accessibility at train stations.

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Will the relaxed rules regarding e-scooters in Japan also apply to mobility scooters? | 日本でのeスクーターに関する規制緩和は、モビリティスクーターにも適用されるのでしょうか?

When preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Japan Railways (JR), based on guidance from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport required that when at JR stations, mobility scooters:

“move at a speed no more than 2km/h and follow the instructions and warnings of the train attendant, and do not use routes other than the ones specified.”

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“Your disability certificate is fake” bus driver in Japan refuses male passenger with a disability over possibly expired disability certificate

A 52-year-old male driver of Orihime Bus, a route bus in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, told a male passenger with a left leg and heart trouble to get off the bus early and said, “Your disability certificate is a fake,” according to an interview with the bus company Kiryu Asahi Jidosha and the city, which outsources its operation. According to the company, the driver had said that he had been given a disability certificate for six months.