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Takarazuka City Mayor introduces ‘barrier free’ language for municipal documents

“The regular meeting of the Takarazuka City Council of Hyogo Prefecture was held on 15th, Mayor Nakagawa Tomoko announced in the administration policy speech of the plenary, “To promote the barrier of the mind”, “Opinion” in the official documents created by the city from April To change the notation of “disability” It was said that there are no cases of using “disability” in municipal documents of the municipal nation in the whole country.”

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Yokohama group aims to make media available to the developmentally disabled

“Projects to rewrite newspaper articles, government documents and even manga normally too difficult for persons with mental disabilities to understand. “Slow Communication” based in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, which publishes easy-to-understand Japanese news articles on its website. All the sentences are short and the Chinese characters come with smaller kana, or syllabic characters, to assist with pronunciation.”

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Underground star in a wheelchair to bring positivity to movie role

“Tomoka Igari is a member of the underground pop idol group “Kamen-Joshi” (masked girls). In April last year, she suffered a spinal cord injury when a strong wind caused a sign to fall onto her on a street in Tokyo. Igari will play a character called Hinata, who also uses a wheelchair and who encourages the depressed Nao with her positive attitude while undergoing rehabilitation at the same hospital.”