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Ten years after its creation, use of ‘Help Mark’ symbol spreading in Japan

Created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2012 to help people with hidden impediments, or “invisible disabilities.” This includes people with prosthetic legs, artificial joints, internal ailments, and rare diseases. However public recognition of the sign remained low. The free-of-charge distribution of tags with the symbol had begun in all 47 prefectures in the country by October 2021.

Barrier Free Disability Japan Para Sports Paralympics

Due to a lack of barrier free facilities, mixed-ability sports in Japan is a work in progress

According to a 2021 survey conducted by the Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF), Japan only has about 150 sports facilities used either exclusively or preferentially by people with a disability. This is a very small figure when set against the about 9.64 million people across the country who have a disability.

Barrier Free Deaf Disability Hearing Impaired Japan

Japanese convenience store Lawson to introduce ‘pointing sheet’ to aid deaf and hearing impaired

From August 30th, Lawson will install a pointing sheet at the checkout counters at all stores so that people with hearing disabilities can shop with peace of mind. It is said that this is because the staff members have also started wearing masks due to the corona crisis, making it difficult to understand what they are saying by looking at their mouths.

Barrier Free Deaf Disability Disasters Discrimination Japan

New law expected to be passed in current session of the Diet to support disabled in Japan during disasters, especially the needs of the deaf

Legislation is expected to be passed in the current parliamentary session to support persons with disabilities to obtain the same information they need in their daily lives and during disasters as able-bodied persons, with the aim of eliminating disparities. Issues have been raised regarding the acquisition of information by persons with disabilities, such as the fact that subtitles and sign language interpreters are sometimes not provided for disaster news.

Barrier Free Disability Disasters Japan

Non-partisan group in the Japanese Diet calls for Bill to improve access to information for the disabled during disasters

In order to make it easier for people with disabilities to obtain information, issues have been pointed out, such as the difficulty of people with visual or hearing impairments to quickly grasp the occurrence of disasters, and the difficulty of people with intellectual disabilities to understand information displays in public facilities.

Barrier Free Japan Travel Unmanned Stations

Unmanned Stations “not just about disabled people” say plaintiffs in JR Kyushu accessibility case

On February 10th, the Oita District Court heard oral arguments in a lawsuit filed by three wheelchair users in Oita City who claimed that they suffered from restrictions on their freedom of movement due to JR Kyushu’s decision to make its stations unmanned. The plaintiffs presented their views on JR Kyushu’s decision to make four new stations in the prefecture unmanned, and appealed to the court to “take a sincere look at its role as a public transportation system once again.