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神戸の多くの地下鉄駅はなぜ「優先席」車両をエレベーターから可能な限り遠くに配置しているように見えるのでしょうか? 長時間動けないので私たちはエレベーターに乗っていますが、どうやらエレベーターから降りて数分間歩くことが求められているようです。

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「ヘルプ」マーク: 日本で障害者としてヘルプを受け入れることを余儀なくされていることについて

これは頻繁に起こります。 誰かが私の後ろから来て、左腕のストラップをつかんで左肩にしっかりと置いて、私を「助ける」ことにしました. 後ろから襲われることが多いので、襲われているのかと思うと、何日か腕を引っ張られて痛い思いをするのを我慢しなければならないので、これは苦痛で恐ろしい経験です。

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‘Help’ Marks: On Being Forced to Accept Help as a Disabled Person in Japan

It happens often; someone comes from behind me and decides to ‘help’ me by grabbing the strap on my left arm and firmly placing it on my left shoulder. This is a painful and frightening experience, as since they often come from behind, I think I am being attacked and either way I have to put up with a few days of being in pain from my arm being yanked.

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Tokyo-Area Train Fares Raised by 10 Yen, a “barrier-free fee” to Improve Accessibility

East Japan Railway Co, or JR East, Tokyo Metro Co. and other railway operators raised their regular fares for train services in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures by 10 yen on Saturday.

These companies will use increased revenues to install elevators and platform doors and make other efforts to improve barrier-free accessibility at train stations.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Japan’s Disability Discrimination Laws are Revised, Requiring Private Businesses to make ‘Reasonable Accommodations’

On 14th March, the Japanese Government decided to require businesses and other operators to provide ‘reasonable accommodations’, such as installing ramps for wheelchair users at shop entrances and exits, from 1 April 2024. The Cabinet approved the Cabinet Order on the revised Disability Discrimination Law. Until now, the State and local authorities have been obliged to provide reasonable accommodation, while the start date of the obligation for businesses was undecided.