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Japan’s Transport Ministry plans to make Barrier-Free Services on Public Transport Mandatory

The ministry plans to make public transportation easily accessible to those with disabilities and the elderly by having the operators of taxis, buses and trains master how to use barrier-free equipment, such as slope boards for wheelchair users. A bill to revise a law on promoting the smooth transportation of elderly and disabled people will be submitted at the ordinary session of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, to be convened Monday.

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“I want to live in the community”: A play about life of severely disabled woman in Japan to be performed in Tokyo

“A drama that looks back on the lives of women with severe disabilities, who have been working to help people with disabilities to live in the community, will held at the Kunitachi Arts Center in Kunitachi City, on December 11th. The drama is about a disabled woman and the many barriers that she has overcome and the actions she has taken to the government.”

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Japan’s Transport Minister calls current bullet train booking system for wheelchair users “outrageous”, to set up study group to improve accessibility

“According to the rail companies, space for one or two wheelchairs is available on each bullet train. Users are requested to reserve them by telephone or at JR counters at least two days before boarding, in principle. At the committee meeting, Akaba called the system “outrageous.”“