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Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan Sagamihara

Japan’s Dark History Of Persecuting The Disabled [Video]

“Japan’s Disability Shame: Soon after the end of the Second World War, the Japanese government began a program of forced sterilisation of its disabled population in an attempt to manage the country’s repopulation efforts. From there, a longstanding and pernicious stigma endured to the present day, where the disabled are openly shunned in society, and treated as a shameful taboo.”

Disability Japan Sagamihara

“Looking to people with disabilities” a bereaved family writes about Sagamihara killing case

“At the disabled facility “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” in Sagamihara City, where 19 inhabitants were killed in July 2016, a bereaved family who lost their son (then 41)  wrote a note which was printed in Kyodo News, saying “I would like to see you My thoughts are getting stronger. ” It is two years and four months since the occurrence on 26th. “We are paying more attention to people with disabilities”. ”