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Disability News Japan Podcast: Shinto Shrine Accessibility Problems & ‘Sagamihara Massacre’ Municipal Government to Pass Human Rights Ordinances

The draft report compiled by the city’s human rights policy council will include two proposals on penalties on hate speech: one that imposes an administrative fine for malicious acts, and the other in which a criminal penalty or an administrative fine will be imposed for such acts. The council will later meet again to go over the details and propose the final report to the Sagamihara Municipal Government.

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On the Victims & Trying to Write About the Sagamihara Massacre

“I was forced to swing the hands of the clock back. Are you still swinging?” The family members of the victims of the Sagamihara Stabbings are upset over the fact that the former employee, Satoshi Uematsu, a 32-year-old prisoner who had been sentenced to death in the trial of the Tsukui Yamayurien case and withdrew his appeal, filed a retrial request with the Yokohama District Court.”

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Member of Japanese Diet with a Disability Compares Views of Parliamentarian who said LGBT people had “no productivity” with Killer of Disabled People

In a questioning session, Tenbata pointed out that “I feel that the basis of the statement that people’s value is evaluated based on their productivity is the same as that of Satoshi Uematsu, a death-row prisoner who caused the ‘Yamayurien Incident’ (in which residents of a facility for the disabled were killed and wounded)”. Sugita said she was “very disappointed that some people have the opinion that I am the same as death row prisoner Uematsu” and added: “I will do my best to realize a society that is close to people with disabilities and enables them to live well. We are still not making enough effort”.

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Accounts of alleged abuse at Sagamihara care facility “rewritten” to make them “non-problematic”

Officials reported to the city that they were trying to cover up suspicion of abuse by falsifying records, but the city decided that there was no problem after hearing from the agency. The business group is fully funded by the city, and the chairman of the board is a former executive of the city.

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Nearly six years after the Sagamihara Stabbings, director of the facility for people with disabilities gives lecture to staff

The director of a facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City gave a lecture to city officials involved in welfare, ahead of the sixth anniversary this month of the murders of 19 people at a facility for the people with intellectual disabilites. The director of the facility gave a lecture to city officials involved in welfare, urging them to “respect the wishes of the people concerned and support them.”

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Operation of care home where 19 people with disabilities were murdered put out for tender, hope for new management in April 2023

The Kanagawa Prefectural Government has announced that it will transfer the operation of a facility in Yokohama City, where some of the residents of a Kanagawa prefectural facility for people with intellectual disabilities, where 19 people were murdered in Sagamihara City six years ago, to another corporation starting next April.