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Kobe group continues to Remember Sagamihara after forced sterilization revelations in Hyogo prefecture [Video]

“the Hyogo Prefectural Law Damaged Hyogo Lawyers Corp. found a museum document in Hyogo prefecture on the 16th, totaling 24 people declared in a document about surgery in which the real names of the patient was stated. The prefecture had previously said that there are no materials that can identify individuals.”

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Disability groups questions Sagamihara accused’s ‘unique’ ideas on eugenics

“In the appeal sentence, it is remarked that the incident highlighted that “the disabled people are not worth living” due to the idea of eugenic thought. The disability groups point out that this is not a thought unique to the accused in the Sagamihara massacre, Satoshi Uematsu:

“There was once the eugenic protection law in Japan too” ”