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Sagamihara massacre highlights stigma regarding disability in Kobe

The Sagamihara case and the Kobe abuse case revealed the plight of people with mental disabilities.

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Name of care home where disabled residents were killed and injured registered with Japanese Sign Language Institute

As the disability welfare facility in Kanagawa; where 19 disabled residents and 26 others were injured by Satoshi Uematsu in July 2016, is rebuilt in a new location, part of the name of the old facility “Yamayuri” was registered with the Japanese Sign Language Institute on March 27 so that the massacre is not forgotten.

Disability Japan Sagamihara

As death sentence is finalized, Sagamihara killer says he was “wrong to continue the trial”

The death penalty was handed down to Satoshi Uematsu on March 16 for killing 19 residents at a facility for the intellectually disabled in Sagamihara , and later his lawyer dropped the appeal and the death penalty was finalized. “I was wrong to continue the trial, but there was a conflict in my heart,” Uematsu said.