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Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Judgment regarding forced sterilization case in Osaka to be handed down on November 30

Three people, a married couple in their 70s in Osaka Prefecture who have hearing impairments, and a woman (77) in the Kinki region who has intellectual disabilities, were allegedly forced to undergo sterilization surgery under the former Eugenic Protection Law.

Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Japan’s top medical group to admit responsibility, apologize over forced sterilization

The Japanese Medical Science Federation is set to admit the responsibility of medical scientists and academic associations over forced sterilization surgeries that were carried out in Japan based on the now-defunct eugenics protection law (1948-1996), and is poised to apologize to victims, it has been learned. 

Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Both Houses of Japanese Diet to investigate how the Eugenic Protection Law was enacted, making forced sterilization possible

The former eugenics protection law was enacted unanimously by legislators. For this reason, the victims of forced infertility have requested that the legislative body that created the law be responsible for verifying it. Although the victims are aging, it is expected that it will take about three years because of the wide scope of the survey.

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Forced sterilization victim ‘Junko Iizuka’ urges Japanese government to admit responsibility during appeal

‘Junko Iizuka’, said she “has been feeling down” since the ruling. She divorced for not being able to have a child, and such sorrow triggered mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. For Iizuka, who has repeatedly thought of killing herself due to the treatment, it’s baffling why the government is not held accountable.

Deaf Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Fukuoka hearing impaired couple file forced sterilization lawsuit

On December 24th, a hearing impaired couple from Fukuoka Prefecture filed a lawsuit at Fukuoka District Court on the grounds that they were forced to undergo infertility surgery under the old Eugenic Protection Act, an act which violated basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are seeking damages of 10 million yen.

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Victims of forced sterilisation in Japan seek justice [Video by France 24 in English]

“Thousands of men and women in Japan who were forcibly sterilised are to receive compensation from the government, decades after they became victims of a eugenics law designed to prevent the birth of so-called inferior children. In April, MPs passed a bill that will compensate 25,000 people who were sterilised from 1948 until the law was abolished in 1996. They include 16,500 people who were operated on against their will.”