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Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Japan Govt to Face 3 New Suits over Forced Sterilization

The Japanese government is slated to face three new damages lawsuits over forced sterilization under the now-defunct eugenic protection law.

Disability Forced Sterilization Japan

Osaka Court Rejects Damages Claim over Forced Sterilization

The Osaka District Court on Thursday dismissed a damages lawsuit filed against the government by a couple with disabilities over forced sterilization conducted under the now-defunct eugenic protection law.The ruling came even after Osaka and Tokyo high courts ordered the government to pay damages in similar suits on forced sterilization in February and March, respectively.

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During opening arguments over forced sterilization in Osaka, hearing impaired woman communicates through signer: “I would have a different life if I had children. I can’t forgive the country that made the law.”

The first oral argument in a lawsuit in which hearing-impaired people in Kansai sought compensation for damages from the government was held at the Osaka High Court on the 30th, alleging that they were forced to undergo fertility surgery under the former Eugenic Protection Law.