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U.N. Committee reporting on disability in Japan raises concerns about “insufficient” involvement of disabled people, lack of awareness of the rights of the disabled

A U.N. Committee dealing with the rights of people with disabilities in Japan, on Friday 9th September, expressed its concerns that the involvement people with disabilities was “insufficient” when legislation was passed and public policy was being formed and set.

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Japan’s Education Minister “not thinking” about ending segregated education for disabled, as suggested by U.N., claiming it promotes “inclusive education”

On September 13, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Keiko Nagaoka spoke to reporters after a Cabinet meeting, regarding the United Nations’ strong request to the Japanese government to end the current special needs education, citing that it is “separating” children with disabilities from regular education. At a press conference, she said, “I’m not thinking of canceling special needs education.”