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Magazine ‘Newsweek Japan’ Calls ‘Hiroshima Mazda disability TikTok Video’ Apology “unbelievable”

On May 17th ‘Newsweek Japan’ published an editorial saying it: “…served as a reminder of how far Japanese corporate society is separated from global standards…the apology was unbelievable, as it apologised not to the disabled but to “customers and all concerned” for “causing concern and inconvenience”.

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35% of Chiba residents with disabilities “felt” human rights violations

The results of the prefectural government’s Internet survey revealed that 35.3% of Chiba residents answered that they “felt” human rights violations against the disabled, and more than one out of three people believe that there are human rights violations. 17.3% answered that they “felt” human rights violations against LGBT and other sexual minorities.

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“I don’t mind killing him,” Japanese man with disabilities sues over “mental anguish due to internet postings”

According to the complaint, Kazuaki Hyodo (47), who is severely paralyzed due to illness, he filed a lawsuit against Maebashi City in April last year, seeking the necessary amount of nursing care services. , It is said that there were posts on bulletin boards on the Internet saying things like, “I don’t mind killing him,” and “There’s no reason to keep him alive, just kill him.’’

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Leader of Korean disability rights protests, Park Kyoung-seok, arrested on illegal demonstration charges

The leader of a disability rights advocacy group who led years long rush-hour subway protests was arrested Friday on charges of illegal demonstrations.

Police apprehended Park Kyoung-seok, the 63-year-old leader of the Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination (SADD), for investigation in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency headquarters in central Seoul where he was holding a press conference.