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Disability Discrimination Japan

Japan to undergo 1st U.N. disabilities committee review in August

The review, Japan’s first, will recommend non-legally binding policy improvement measures to improve the lives and societal participation of people with disabilities. Japan ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014.

Barrier Free Deaf Disability Disasters Discrimination Japan

New law expected to be passed in current session of the Diet to support disabled in Japan during disasters, especially the needs of the deaf

Legislation is expected to be passed in the current parliamentary session to support persons with disabilities to obtain the same information they need in their daily lives and during disasters as able-bodied persons, with the aim of eliminating disparities. Issues have been raised regarding the acquisition of information by persons with disabilities, such as the fact that subtitles and sign language interpreters are sometimes not provided for disaster news.

Disability Discrimination E-Sports Japan

Player from Japanese ‘e-sports’ team suspended over comments about people with disabilities

On May 1st 2022, a player from the Japanese professional e-sports team ‘REJECT’, previously known as ‘All Rejection Gaming’ or ‘ARG’ made a comment during a game that was perceived to be discriminatory towards people with disabilities. The player ‘SaRa’ has since been suspended from the team.

Blind Discrimination Employment Japan

Japan’s Supreme Court upholds ruling denying the establishment of massage schools for visually impaired

The Osaka-based school corporation ‘Heisei Healthcare Academy’ had previously filed three lawsuits across the country, in Sendai, Tokyo and one other in Osaka, arguing that a law that regulates the establishment of anma massage shiatsu teacher training schools for visually impaired people, violates the “freedom of choice of occupation” guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.

Disability Discrimination Japan

After challenge by man with cerebral palsy, Osaka High Court rules Public Offices Election Act limiting number of assistants to “those who work at polling stations” constitutional

Yasuhiro Nakata, a man who was born with cerebral palsy claimed that the Public Election Law’s provision limiting the number of assistants to “those who work at polling stations” violates the Constitution because it does not protect the secrecy of the vote. The court rejected the man’s appeal.

Barrier Free Disability Discrimination Japan

‘Reasonable accommodation’ to be made mandatory in Japan’s private sector to eliminate discrimination against disabled

On 28 May, the revised Disability Discrimination Act was unanimously passed by the House of Councillors at a plenary session, requiring private companies to provide “reasonable accommodation” to support the mobility and communication of people with disabilities. The government will now consider the fundamental policy based on the revised law and make a cabinet decision.

Disability Discrimination Japan

Japan’s Diet passes revisions to disability anti-discrimination law, private businesses now required to consider the needs of disabled people

The revisions to Law for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities were unanimously passed and enacted at the plenary session of the House of Councillors on May 28, requiring private businesses such as companies and stores to provide “reasonable accommodation” to support the mobility and communication of persons with disabilities.

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Chiba man with cerebral palsy loses lawsuit over discontinuation of disability welfare benefits after age 65

Masakatsu Amami (71), a patient with cerebral palsy in Chiba City, said that it was unreasonable that the disability welfare benefits based on the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities were discontinued at the age of 65 and that the transition to long-term care insurance caused self-pay. On the 18th, the Chiba District Court dismissed the claim.