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Workers in Japan Worry about Disclosing their Developmental Disabilities

Awareness of developmental disabilities is increasing year by year. It used to be thought that it was a problem for children, but now it is becoming known that a certain percentage of adults also have developmental disabilities. As a result, there are more people who suspect that “I might be the same”, and confusion is occurring in the workplace. We followed the front line of “adult developmental disorders” that your colleagues and subordinates may also have.

What should I say to those around me? Some desperately hide their developmental disabilities.

“Should we disclose our developmental disabilities?” is a sensitive question.

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Rancha Misumi’s Dream Starts at Night, in a Space where Developmental Disabilities and Gender Dysphoria are not Stigmatized

Rancha’s day begins in the internet virtual space ‘Metaverse’.

Her silky black hair sways just below her shoulders and her eyes are so transparent they seem to suck you in. Rancha is a V-tuber who streams on YouTube in her 3D avatar form. Around the third or fourth grade, Rancha was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Hospitals in Japan refusing COVID-19 patients with developmental disabilities & mental illness

More than 60% of patients found to be infected with the novel coronavirus while in psychiatric hospitals in Japan could not be transferred to other medical facilities designated for COVID-19 cases, as general hospitals apparently tend to refuse them due to the perception that they are difficult to deal with, a survey has revealed.

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Japan mayor apologies for saying about the developmentally disabled: “children who don’t end up that way may be able to spend their whole lives happily as abled people.”

During a “GM21 Meeting” between the prefectural governor of Saga and mayors of 20 municipalities within the prefecture on Jan. 26, Kanzaki Mayor Shigeyuki Matsumoto, 70, remarked, “If the cause can be ascertained, children who don’t end up that way (with developmental disabilities) may be able to spend their whole lives happily as abled people.”