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One year after Padded jobs scandal, Japan to make a second attempt to increase disability employment numbers

“Japan’s National Personnel Authority announced on the 18th May that it will carry out a national government employee’s employment examination for persons with disabilities in 2019. Applications will be accepted in June in response to the problem of the employment of disabled people in central ministries and agencies identified in 2018 when 754 people passed in the first examination for disabled people, and the ratio for the number of applicants was about 12 times smaller.”

Disability Employment Japan

Japan’s Diet revised Employment Bill regarding disabled people passes the House of Representatives unanimously

“The bill revising the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities, which includes measures to prevent the government from interpreting the criteria arbitrarily when hiring people with disabilities in response to the central government ministries’s problem of employment of disabled people The ball was voted on and unanimously passed to the House of Councilors.”

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Japan’s Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare warns: “by hiring a considerable number of disabled people, it is assumed that there will be a considerable number of people leaving the private sector. “

“Speaking about the problem of the employment of persons with disabilities, Japan’s Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Takumi Nemoto stated on March 26th that the government’s recruitment activities may result in the possibility that some persons with disabilities will leave the private sector and some companies may not meet the legal employment rate.”

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Japan’s Health Ministry to tout companies that promote employment of disabled

“Japan’s Health Ministry will accredit small and mid-size companies that actively work to incorporate people with disabilities into their workplaces, under its new recognition system related to employment of the disabled people. Criteria for accreditation include barrier-free access to a company’s facilities, such as setting up slopes; the creation of jobs that utilize disabled people’s abilities; and the creation of an employment plan to promote disabled people’s active job involvement. Companies with up to 300 employees will be eligible for accreditation.”