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4,574 disabled people applied for 248 civil service positions in the Japanese government

“According to the National Personnel Authority, 4,574 applicants applied for the examination, and the proportion by type of disability certificate was 64% for mental illness, 34% for physical disability, and 2% for intellectual disability.”

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Japan’s Local Govts Increasing Disabled Job Applicants to include those with mental or intellectual disabilities

“An increasing number of prefectural governments and ordinance-designated major cities in Japan are expanding the scope of disabled people qualified to take exams for regular jobs at the public-sector offices to include those with mental or intellectual disabilities. Previously, the job exams had been available to people with physical disabilities.”

Disability Employment Japan

Following Revision to Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities, some plans announced

“In response to the problem of the employment of disabled people by the central ministries and agencies, the revised Employment Promotion Act for Disabled Persons, including measures to prevent recurrence, passed unanimously at the General Assembly of the House of Councilors on June 7th. There were 15 incidental resolutions made by the upper house. Enforcement begins on April 1st, 2020 with some exceptions.”