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Firms in Japan struggle to hire people with disabilities at legally mandated rate

Many companies in Japan are finding it hard to maintain the legally mandated employment rate for people with disabilities as those hired during the 1970s and 1980s begin to reach retirement age, a Mainichi Shimbun survey has revealed.

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People with mental disabilities in Japan who work shorter hours to be included in the employment numbers

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) is planning to allow mentally disabled people who work 10-20 hours per week to be included in the employment rate for disabled people, which companies are obliged to employ. The aim is to encourage people with disabilities who have difficulty working long hours to take up employment.

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Wages for disabled in Tochigi prefecture decreased for first time in 11 years in FY2020 to 16,405 Yen per month

The average monthly wage in FY2020 for persons with disabilities working at employment support facilities in Tochigi prefecture was 16,405 yen, down 5.3% (912 yen) from the previous year and the first decrease in 11 years, according to a report by the prefectural disability welfare department on 30 November.

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Japan’s Supreme Court upholds ruling denying the establishment of massage schools for visually impaired

The Osaka-based school corporation ‘Heisei Healthcare Academy’ had previously filed three lawsuits across the country, in Sendai, Tokyo and one other in Osaka, arguing that a law that regulates the establishment of anma massage shiatsu teacher training schools for visually impaired people, violates the “freedom of choice of occupation” guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.

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Student rejected for part-time job as a poll worker in Japan’s October lower house election because of hearing impairment, Hakodate City Election Commission admits

The Mainichi Shimbun has reported that the Hakodate City Election Commission revealed that it had rejected an application from an 18-year-old male university student in Hakodate for a part-time job as a poll worker in the October lower house election because of his hearing impairment.

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Coronavirus pandemic hits employment opportunites for people with disabilities in Western Japan

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the facilities where people with disabilities work in Okayama Prefecture are under pressure. Events were cancelled one after another due to infection prevention measures, and opportunities to sell products such as handmade bread and handicrafts, which were sources of income, decreased sharply. This is because the number of orders from business partners has decreased significantly at business establishments that process parts as a subcontractor. Each facility is trying to find a way to develop sales channels and develop new products in order to support the lives of people with disabilities.