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Barrier Free Disability Japan Welfare

Japan attempts to swap paper for cards and smartphone apps to improve access for the disabled

“Certification for people with disabilities in Japan has long been cumbersome and impractical, but with the rollout of new cards and smartphone apps life is becoming much simpler.”

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To increase understanding of autism, a Hyogo Prefecture NPO holds ‘simulation’ workshops

“To  deepen an understanding about the “lack of understanding” that people with autism and other intellectual disabilities experience in their daily lives, the NPO ‘Nuturing Society Connecting Hands in Sanda City’, an NPO that holds workshops in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture (amongst other places), for disabled people and their families has been formed. “

Disability Employment Japan Welfare

Japan’s Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare warns: “by hiring a considerable number of disabled people, it is assumed that there will be a considerable number of people leaving the private sector. “

“Speaking about the problem of the employment of persons with disabilities, Japan’s Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Takumi Nemoto stated on March 26th that the government’s recruitment activities may result in the possibility that some persons with disabilities will leave the private sector and some companies may not meet the legal employment rate.”

Barrier Free Disability Japan Welfare

Takarazuka City Mayor introduces ‘barrier free’ language for municipal documents

“The regular meeting of the Takarazuka City Council of Hyogo Prefecture was held on 15th, Mayor Nakagawa Tomoko announced in the administration policy speech of the plenary, “To promote the barrier of the mind”, “Opinion” in the official documents created by the city from April To change the notation of “disability” It was said that there are no cases of using “disability” in municipal documents of the municipal nation in the whole country.”