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Takarazuka City Mayor introduces ‘barrier free’ language for municipal documents

“The regular meeting of the Takarazuka City Council of Hyogo Prefecture was held on 15th, Mayor Nakagawa Tomoko announced in the administration policy speech of the plenary, “To promote the barrier of the mind”, “Opinion” in the official documents created by the city from April To change the notation of “disability” It was said that there are no cases of using “disability” in municipal documents of the municipal nation in the whole country.”

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Osaka parents of car accident victim left with disability gets govt to boost support measures

“Yuji Kuwayama, 62, and his wife Akiko, 58, were driven by a sense of danger in “receding relief measures.” Although reluctant at first, the Ministry of Finance resumed returning investment profits that had been diverted from the transport ministry’s special account to the state’s general account, for the first time in 15 years.”

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Plans for Kyoto’s counseling support services for persons with disabilities ranked second-worst in the country

“Businesses in Kyoto City, which conduct “Planning Counseling Support Projects” that creates and revises the plans necessary for using disability welfare services made the decision to withdraw some services because “it cannot be made profitable if we try to carefully face each person,” but also where we started “counseling of counseling office” as a new project. The planning rate of Kyoto Prefecture persons with disabilities is considered the second worst in the country.