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Mudslides in Japan deprive disabled people of a place to work

The mudslide disaster in the Izusan area of Atami City has deprived disabled people of a place to live. The Shinzo Megumikai Community Workshop in Izusan survived the disaster, but its premises have been closed to the public.

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Chiba man with cerebral palsy loses lawsuit over discontinuation of disability welfare benefits after age 65

Masakatsu Amami (71), a patient with cerebral palsy in Chiba City, said that it was unreasonable that the disability welfare benefits based on the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities were discontinued at the age of 65 and that the transition to long-term care insurance caused self-pay. On the 18th, the Chiba District Court dismissed the claim.

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Kyoto District Court suspends Child Support Allowance because mother was receiving a disability pension

Mayu Yamada, a single parent with four children, was receiving child support allowance when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was awarded a basic disability pension in April 2017. However, in January 2006, Kyoto Prefecture suspended her child support allowance on the grounds that she was receiving a disability pension.

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Six prefectural facilities for people with disabilities “need improvement,” says report

Governor Kuroiwa, who received the report, said, “Although we cannot directly link this to the incident in which 19 people were killed, the problem is connected to it, and the prefectural government’s responsibility for overlooking it has been severely pointed out. We will take the report seriously and work to realize support from the user’s perspective,” he said.

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A disabled woman says of Japan’s PM Suga’s statement: “The Prime Minister’s words sounded to me more like ‘Die if you don’t have money'”

“The prime minister’s words sounded to me more like ‘Die if you don’t have money,’ passing over ‘We won’t help you until the very end.’ And it made me tear up,” a woman in her 30s in the western Japan city of Osaka said. Both she and her husband have disabilities, and live on welfare and disability pensions.