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Saitama Police train for Sagamihara-like knife attack

On October 15th, a training for suspicious persons was held at Tamonji, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, at the “Group Home Tsukushimbo”, a communal living support facility for persons with disabilities, with the cooperation of the Kazo Police Station. They learned from the how to respond when a suspicious person invades and how to have a sense of crisis.

Care Disability Japan Sagamihara

Kanagawa Governor Kuroiwa inspects facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities

Nakai Yamayurien, a prefectural facility for the mentally disabled located in Nakai Town, was found to have locked two residents in their rooms for more than 8 hours on multiple occasions in February of this year, which was recognized as abuse as it was more physical restraint than necessary. It was also found that there was a case where a child was confined to a private room for more than 20 hours, although it was not recognized as abuse.

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Five Year Anniversary of the Sagamihara Stabbings

July 26th 2021 marks the five year anniversary of what is now often referred to as the ‘Sagamihara Stabbings’, when in the early hours of July 26th 2016, Satoshi Uematsu, a former employee of the ‘Tsukui Yamayuri En’ or ‘Tsukui Lily Garden’ care home for people with disabilites, killed 19 residents with disabilites and injured at least 26 others.