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“I don’t know the direction”: Braille blocks buried in heavy snow hinders visually impaired people in Shimane

Braille blocks that serve as guideposts for the visually impaired continue to be buried in snow due to prolonged snowfall. Snow piled up on the utility poles and walls that mark the corners, making it difficult to find the way without an attendant. Commuting and shopping have already affected the lives of the parties, and the parties and related parties are struggling.

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Vaccination Voucher for blind man sent without Braille, unable to reserve appointment for two weeks: “If you call me…”

While the vaccination program for elderly people aged 65 and over has started in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, a blind man living alone in the city received an envelope containing a vaccination ticket without Braille markings, and it was revealed that he was unable to check the contents for two weeks.

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Safety guidance for visually impaired people using QR to be introduced at Tokyo Metro 5 stations

Tokyo Metro announced on the 18th that it has developed a system that guides the visually impaired people safely in a station by reading a QR code on the Braille block with the camera of the smartphone and guiding the direction and distance by voice. It will be introduced at 5 stations in Tokyo from the 27th.

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Disability group claims Olympic and Paralympic ticket vendors inaccessible to the blind, violating Organizing Committee Guidelines

“The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee for 2010 did not create Braille materials explaining how to purchase tickets for the tournament or a CD that provides necessary information by voice. A disability organization argues that it is “in violation of the guidelines for ‘barrier-free’ set by the organizing committee.” ”

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Training to open a “welfare shelter” for disabled and elderly in disasters held in western Japan

“Training to open a “welfare shelter” that accepts victims who need assistance such as disabled people when a disaster occurs was held in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture on the 17th March. Approximately 40 people, including nine visually impaired people and city and center staff, participated in the training conducted at the Shiga Prefectural Center for the Visually Impaired in Hikone City.”

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Japanese Designer Develops “Visually Readable” Braille

“A young Japanese designer has developed a set of letter designs to be printed on corresponding braille patterns of raised dots, in a bid to help those who do not use braille to understand the language for the visually impaired. 

“I hope to bridge the worlds of the visually impaired and other people by using the same tool,” said Kosuke Takahashi, the 25-year-old designer from Tokyo.”