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France’s Paralympic Swimming Team lands in Tokyo, first team to arrive for Paralympic Games

A total of thirteen people, eight players and five staff members arrived in Japan. They waved to the press and said “Hello” in Japanese. The team will hold a pre-training camp in Kanazawa City, as officials have confirmed they have all tested negative for COVID-19 following their arrival at Narita airport near Tokyo.

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Father of a child with a disability condemns sacked composer for the Tokyo 2020 Games who abused disabled children

“As a parent, I have no words to describe what my child has been through at school. What kind of nerve is it to make fun of that as an adult? It’s a dark joke that a song by someone like this should be played at the Paralympics. It could be traumatic. Even if it happened 27 years ago, it’s not acceptable.”

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Disability News Japan Episode 71: Composer For The Tokyo 2020 Games Resigns Over Revelation that he Assaulted Disabled People

Keigo Oyamada, who was in charge of composing the music for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, has informed officials of his intention to resign.

According to Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic officials, Keigo Oyamada, who was in charge of composing the music for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, informed officials of his intention to resign on the 19th.

It followed days of controversy over his confessions in magazines published in the 1990s in which he boasted about bullying disabled people in his childhood.

Mr. Oyamada had been criticized for saying in interviews with magazines and other media that he bullied his classmates and disabled people when he was a student. The organizing committee said it hoped Oyamada would “continue to make every effort to prepare for the Games until the end,” after he posted an apology on his official website.

Oyamada, who was in charge of composing some of the music for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, had apologized for bullying disabled classmates in the past but continued to stir an outcry on social media with growing calls for him to step down.

Some reports also say that Oyamada’s four minute long composition that was to be performed at the opening ceremony has been cut. I’ll

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Composer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the opening and closing ceremonies apologizes for “bullying confessions” regarding disabled people

Oyamada confessed to two magazines that he bullied during his school days. In the January 1994 issue of the Japanese music magazine “Rocking On Japan,” he wrote, “I would make him naked, wrap a string around him, and make him masturbate. I’d make them eat shit.” In the August ’95 issue of the subculture magazine “Quick Japan,” he revealed without any guilt the many ways in which he bullied Mr. A and Mr. B, both of whom have disabilities.