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Coronavirus COVID-19 Deaf Disability Japan

Aichi Prefecture refused to treat hearing-impaired coronavirus patient in hotel, saying it was “difficult to cope” from a “safety point of view”

A deaf man, 33, living in Nagoya City, who was infected with the new coronavirus and requested hotel treatment, was rejected by Aichi Prefecture, saying it was difficult for him to communicate by telephone. The ‘All Japan Federation of the Deaf’ submitted a request for improvement to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the ministry will consider asking local governments not to exclude hearing-impaired people from hotel treatment.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Deaf Disability Hearing Impaired Japan

As the pandemic continues, Nagoya based groups for the Deaf and hearing impaired raise concerns about masks hindering communication

As the new coronavirus spreads, a group of people concerned in Nagoya city, say “We have collected the real voices of people with hearing disabilities in the coronavirus disaster.” Wearing masks and other measures to prevent infection seem to be detrimental to the communication of deaf and deaf-blind people, who read words from the movement of their mouths and the shape of their fingers.