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Operator of Oita day-care facilities for disabled children received 34 million Yen in fraudulent payments

A company operating day care facilities for children with disabilities in nine locations in the prefecture, including Beppu City, was found to have fraudulently received approximately 34 million yen in benefits by padding the number of staff, and Oita Prefecture has decided to cancel the designation of the facilities.

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Fukushima after-school care facility for children with disabilities found not to meet legal standards, ordered to return 15 million Yen in funding

A day service facility in Date City that provides after-school care for children with disabilities was found not to meet legal standards for staffing, and the prefecture took administrative action to suspend the facility’s operator designation for three months on the grounds that it had fraudulently received around 15 million yen in benefits.

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Cluster found at welfare service for people with disabilities in Hiroshima City after staff ate dinner with patient

According to Hiroshima City, PCR tests were conducted on six people who ate at a restaurant in the city together with a patient who was found to be infected on the 26th of this month, and a total of six people were confirmed to be infected. One person has moderate symptoms, and five people have mild or no symptoms.

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Kobe City to strengthen supervision after suspected abuse at ‘after school’ facilities for people with disabilities

In response to a series of scandals nationwide at the “after-school day service office” that entrusts elementary, junior high and high school students with disabilities after school and on holidays, Kobe City will sent external personnel to patrol the facilities in the city from May.

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Disability welfare facility managed by the company that ran ‘Sagamihara stabbings’ facility “locked up” residents to avoid new coronavirus infections

The activities of the residents were greatly restricted to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, and it appears they were locked up in their living rooms. Aina Yamayurien is managed by the social welfare corporation, ‘Kanagawa Kyokai’, which managed the Tsukui Yamayurien, where 19 former residents were killed four years ago by a former employee, Satoshi Uematsu.