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Japan Logs 3.63 Weekly COVID-19 Cases per Hospital

he number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Japan in the week through Sunday averaged 3.63 per medical institution, up slightly from 3.55 in the preceding week, the health ministry said Friday. 

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Over 10% of kids with COVID-related brain disease in Japan died

More than 10 percent of children in Japan who developed acute brain syndrome after infection with COVID-19 have died, results of a nationwide survey recently announced by a health ministry research team has shown.
The survey identified 34 cases of acute encephalopathy associated with COVID-19 infection among those under 18 between January 2020 and May 2022. The team analyzed 31 patients who did not have any underlying illnesses that could be responsible for causing the brain disease.

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Japan to offer 2 COVID-19 booster shots to elderly, those with underlying conditions by year-end

People aged 65 years or older, those with underlying medical conditions and health care professionals will have a chance to get inoculated from May to August, as well as from September to December. Other age groups eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations can also get a shot during the four months through December.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Severely Disabled Woman Contracted COVID-19 in January 2023, Refused Admission to a Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital

In January this year, a woman who lives in Ota Ward, Tokyo, who has cerebral palsy, a speech impediment palsy and uses home visiting care contracted a new variant of the coronavirus and requested to be admitted to a metropolitan hospital, but was refused.