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Coronavirus cluster found at Osaka facility for people with disabilities, 11 people reported infected

Osaka Prefecture announced on August 5 that a total of 11 users and staff were infected with the new coronavirus at a facility for the disabled in Osaka City. On Thursday 6 August, Osaka Prefecture confirmed a record 225 new cases of coronavirus.

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Coronavirus woes leads to 1,104 of Japan’s people with disabilities losing their jobs

Between February and June this year, the number of persons with disabilities who had been dismissed from companies was 1,104, an increase of 152 (16.0%) compared to the same period last year, according to a summary by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare by August 4th. One of the reasons is that it became impossible to maintain employment due to the deterioration of business as the new coronavirus spread.

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Amid COVID-19 crisis, Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger to trial robot that can be remote controlled by disabled people

Hoping to reduce human contact, operator of Mos Burger shops, Mos Food Services Inc. introduced a robot that can take orders. The company unveiled to the press on Tuesday what customer service can look like with an OriHime robot that can be remotely controlled by people with disabilities who have difficulty leaving their homes. Mos Food Services expects the robot will not only help reduce human contact amid the coronavirus, but also help solve labor shortages.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan

Nagasaki group to donate unwanted ‘Abe masks’ to disability facilities

A group of women in Higashisonogawa, Kawatana “Wahaha de Mina” (representative Naoko Fujita) has called on people to donate unwanted cloth masks distributed by the government to all households to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. For up to 30 days, collection boxes will be installed at convenience stores in the town. The collected masks are handed over to the disabled facilities in the town.