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ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

As her lung function declined further, “I’m scared to die slowly,” wrote the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

“In short, I’m scared to die slowly. The popular saying is “I want to die when I die”. It’s scary just to imagine that you are suffocating…ALS is truly unpredictable. But I know I can’t die unless my lung function fails. The contradiction cannot be resolved.”

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan Politics

Former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara criticized after calling ALS a “business disease” on Twitter

In a tweet posted on July 27, Shintaro Ishihara called ALS an “occupational disease”, and some on Twitter pointed out that “business disease” refers to “an intractable disease that has been thought to come at the expense of bad business,” and was at best a rude or derogatory term.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

Health experts call alleged assisted death of woman with ALS “fundamentally different” from previous cases due to payment issue

Health experts are calling the case of two doctors arrested last week on suspicion of assisting in the death of a 51-year-old woman with ALS “fundamentally different” from past euthanasia cases that led to other doctors’ convictions for murder in Japan, because she allegedly asked them to kill her for money on Twitter.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

“I think it’s wonderful that the rate of ventilation is high in Japan” writes the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

In a blog post on June 4 2018 entitled ‘View of life and death and euthanasia’, Hayashi notices that the use of respirators in Europe and America is low, although praises that ventilators are at least available in Japan as it seems to signify that at since it is an option that it “means that such an environment is in place.”

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“Life saved by Euthanasia…there is a soul that can be saved” from the blog of the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

On May 27 2018, Hayashi wrote a blog post entitled ‘Life saved by Euthanasia’: Hayashi seems to suggest that a person who is considering ending their life because of a condition like ALS, might have better mental health if they don’t “have to hurry and commit suicide.”

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Blind man falls onto tracks, fatally hit by train at JR Asagaya Station in Tokyo

Mitsunobu Yoshimoto had a disability certificate for an eye disease, and Yoshimoto’s white cane has been found on the scene. There is no barrier on the platform at the station to prevent someone from falling, and the camera that was installed showed that Yoshimoto stepped off and fell onto the track. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the cause of Mr. Yoshimoto’s fall.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Japan

“I can’t move, I can’t eat, I can’t talk, my body…I don’t think I’m alive” writes the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

“I wanted to forget everything for a while (though I couldn’t do that), so I kept myself in my shell. I can’t do anything, but I just breathe by myself. Are you doing your best? This body is regrettable and dear. But don’t live with this body. I don’t think I’m alive.”