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A woman dies while taking a bath at an Edogawa support facility for the disabled

“A woman in her 30s was found floating on a bath tub while bathing at around 5 pm on the 11th May according to Edogawa Ward officials. The woman was taken to the hospital but was confirmed dead.”

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Hospital head approved surgeon’s proposal to stop dialysis for kidney disease patients

“The woman signed a letter of intent to discontinue dialysis. The woman subsequently suggested her will to resume dialysis saying, “I’m wondering whether to retract the letter,” but she died.

“We offered various options to her and she made her own decision. We confirmed her will on multiple occasions, so what we did is an appropriate medical practice…””

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Limits set for house calls by foreign nursing care workers in Japan

“Under the revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law (see below) set to take effect in April next year, foreign workers in the nursing care business will be in supplementary roles such as helping the elderly with eating and bathing at relevant facilities, and basically will not provide home-visit care services.”