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Former Care Worker Rearrested for Another Murder

The 36-year-old former employee, was initially arrested on Dec. 8 on suspicion of murdering a different resident, Setsuji Yoshida, then 76, on July 6, 2020, by injecting air into a syringe connected to an intravenous tube attached to his leg, Ibaraki prefectural police served the suspect with the additional warrant.

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Almost one year after actions of staff “recognized by the Kobe Municipal Government as sexual abuse” committee finds care home to have provided residents with “inappropriate care”

An independent committee established with the approval of the city of Kobe recently compiled and released a report on the Rokko Tsurujuen, a social welfare corporation in Nada Ward, Kobe City, which has been found to have provided inappropriate care to the elderly and whose employees complained of power harassment.

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COVID-19 cluster at Shizuoka nursing home after all residents, staff got 1st vaccine shots, government apologizes for “erroneous explanation” for cluster

Regarding the infections, the Shizuoka Municipal Government on June 16 apologized for and withdrew comments it had made the previous day that weakened immune systems after inoculations were responsible for the coronavirus cluster at the nursing home.

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‘Home-visit bathing’ care service suspended in Kanazawa during pandemic, leaving elderly and disabled unable to wash

At least three establishments in Kanazawa City are unable to accept new applications for the “home-visit bathing” care service. The reason behind this is that there is a shortage of staff, and there have been cases where ALS patients who have been refused access to the service have been unable to take a bath for a long period of time.

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Japan’s ‘home visit’ care workers not to be given vaccine priority

The Japanese government wants to start priority vaccinations for the new coronavirus to care workers who work in facilities for the elderly. In fact, even in the same long-term care work, those who work in facilities such as elderly homes are eligible for priority vaccination, but those who work in home-visit care are not.