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Dementia Disability Japan

Japan must work to ensure dignified lives for people with dementia [Yomiuri Shimbun Editorial]

“In 2015, about 5.2 million people in Japan had dementia, and this number is estimated to rise to about 7 million in 2025. For those 65 and older, 20 percent have dementia. The dementia prevalence rate increases with advancing age, so the morbidity rate is expected to continue to rise thereafter.”

Dementia Disability Japan

Japan’s 5 million dementia patients hold ¥143 trillion — and both numbers are on the rise

“a social worker in Kyoto, says she has seen many cases of dementia patients withdrawing large sums without a clear grasp of what they are doing or why. In one example, she said, a woman in her 90s withdrew ¥20 million ($266,000) of her savings at a grandson’s urging.
“She was saying she withdrew nine or ten. It took me a while to realize she was talking about a number of banknote rolls,” A roll is typically one hundred ¥10,000 notes. “It was clearly a case of abuse.”

Dementia Disability Japan

Ministry to test dementia prevention goods, services

“The project will be carried out for three years from fiscal 2019. The ministry will work with businesses that offer dementia prevention products and services, and with local governments whose officials are directly involved in nursing care services, to verify how effective products and services are in maintaining and improving people’s cognitive functions.”