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Japan’s Education Ministry proposes ‘Disability Promotion Plan’

“Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has put together a priority policy “Disability Promotion Plan” to be tackled from this fiscal year to support the activities of disabled people in each field such as school education, lifelong learning, cultural arts.”

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Shizuoka prefecture’s board of education re-examines prefectural employment rate of disabled people

“The Shizuoka prefectural board of education re-examined all faculty and staff on the 2nd October on the issue of inflating the employment of persons with disabilities. As a result, the prefectural board of education employment rate of persons with disabilities was initially  reported to be 1.63%, the statutory employment rate (is 2 · 4%), which is the highest in the world. The actual figure was reported to be 2. 47%. day,  Kazuaki Naomi, the director of  prefectural assembly council of political affairs for Shizuoka explained.”

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Takarazuka City Board of Education member apologizes for remarks about disabled girl

“Takarazuka City Board of Education said on Monday that a male (72), who was a board of education, attending public elementary schools in the city, said something to a mother of a fourth-graded girl (9) suffering from incurable diseases ” that the city’s board of education recognized the remark as “discrimination”. The man submitted his resignation last month and it was accepted on the 26th.”