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Visually impaired man sues Osaka employment support facility over “corona harassment”

A 39-year-old man with visual and hearing impairments claims that he suffered emotional distress because he was prohibited from going to work with a colleague who was assisting him and was advised to resign because he had been infected with a new type of coronavirus.

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80 Pct of Nursing Staff in Japan Fear Getting COVID-19: Survey

The online survey, conducted by the Japanese Nursing Association on its members last autumn, obtained answers from around 5,100 members, with the response rate standing at 34.0 pct. The average age of respondents came to 41.3 and women accounted for 93.5 pct of all respondents. Of the respondents, 86.6 pct were nurses, while the rest were made up of midwives, public health nurses and others.

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Japan to start preparations for administering 4th COVID vaccine shots

Japan will start preparations for the administration of fourth shots of coronavirus vaccines, a health ministry subcommittee agreed Thursday, after the government said it would procure additional doses from two U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

The details, including whether to actually administer the additional booster shots and who would be eligible, will be determined later.

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After Coronavirus Cluster at Hokkaido School for the Intellectually Disabled, positive Staff forced to care for positive Students

At Muroran Kotosen Gakuen in Muroran City, where children with intellectual disabilities and others are enrolled, a cluster of new coronavirus cases broke out at the end of February, forcing the staff of the isolated facility who tested positive for the virus, to provide care to those students who tested positive for the virus.