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Tokyo Metropolitan Government asks J-Pop singer to take “immediate action” after album cover resembles ‘help mark’ for people with disabilities

Popular singer Ringo Sheena (43) created a special mark for her new album because it closely resembles the “help mark” to make it easier for people with disabilities to receive help. It was learned on the 14th that the metropolitan government had asked the record company, which sold the album, to take immediate action.

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Underground star in a wheelchair to bring positivity to movie role

“Tomoka Igari is a member of the underground pop idol group “Kamen-Joshi” (masked girls). In April last year, she suffered a spinal cord injury when a strong wind caused a sign to fall onto her on a street in Tokyo. Igari will play a character called Hinata, who also uses a wheelchair and who encourages the depressed Nao with her positive attitude while undergoing rehabilitation at the same hospital.”