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Sapporo caregiver arrested for alleged injury to resident at disability support facility

“According to the police, at 7:40 pm on August 28, the suspect held and dragged both legs of a 30-year-old man in the facility, bruising and scratching his knees.”

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Quake-hit Hokkaido to build large temp homes for elderly, disabled to keep communities

“The northernmost prefecture plans to have the facilities ready for prospective residents before the end of this year, they said. Hokkaido has devised the plan so that these people displaced by the quake can stay together and maintain their communities. It is hoped that the arrangement can prevent their health from worsening due to sudden changes in their living conditions caused by the quake disaster. The project is the first of its kind in Japan, according to experts.”

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Sapporo district court ruling on forced sterilization case makes courtroom accessible

“The Sapporo District Court ruling on a case to decide whether Kikuo Kojima (77) of Sapporo City is due damages on the grounds that sterilization was forced under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96) made the public gallery in the courtroom accessible for the hearings on the 25th. More than half – some reports say 60% – of the seats in the court room were allocated to accommodate the disabled people attending , to allow a caretaker with medical equipment, as well as sign language interpreters to accompany them.”

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Information leaflet for developmentally disabled people in quake affected Hokkaido produced

“The developmental disability information support center created a leaflet (Hokkaido version) for people who have developmental disabilities in the disaster area and those who support children. In the afflicted area, “There are various difficulties difficult to understand for those who do not know about disability”, and concrete introductions are given.”