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Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Hokkaido Japan

After Coronavirus Cluster at Hokkaido School for the Intellectually Disabled, positive Staff forced to care for positive Students

At Muroran Kotosen Gakuen in Muroran City, where children with intellectual disabilities and others are enrolled, a cluster of new coronavirus cases broke out at the end of February, forcing the staff of the isolated facility who tested positive for the virus, to provide care to those students who tested positive for the virus.

ALS Assisted Dying Disability Hokkaido Japan Yuri Hayashi

“Life saved by Euthanasia…there is a soul that can be saved” from the blog of the late Yuri Hayashi, ALS patient

On May 27 2018, Hayashi wrote a blog post entitled ‘Life saved by Euthanasia’: Hayashi seems to suggest that a person who is considering ending their life because of a condition like ALS, might have better mental health if they don’t “have to hurry and commit suicide.”

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Sapporo facility for disabled children to be investigated after instance of abuse

According to the city government , a former male employee abused a child twice in May-July 2019. The male employee retired in August of the same year, but the city said that he was in violation of the obligation to respect persons with disabilities as specified by the Child Welfare Law. The city has not confirmed abuse of other users.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Hokkaido Japan

More instances of coronavirus found at Hokkaido facility for people with disabilities, a previous ‘cluster’ site

Hokkaido and Sapporo City announced on May 22nd that 6 people were confirmed as infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido. One person was confirmed at a facility for persons with disabilities and a medical institution where a cluster had previously been found. A new infection was confirmed by a male employee in his thirties who works at “Kouyoen”, a facility for the disabled in Engaru-cho, where 11 infected persons in total.

Care Coronavirus COVID-19 Hokkaido Japan

Infection spreads in facilities for the disabled and elderly in Hokkaido, bringing total to 726 people

Hokkaido announced on the 29th that 38 people were confirmed  to be infected with COVID-19 in Hokkaido bringing the total number of infected people to 726. The infection has spread to facilities for the disabled and the elderly, with three new people being confirmed at the facility for the disabled, “Kouyoen”

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As coronavirus closes special needs schools Hokkaido disability groups request alternative arrangements

Following the closure of all special needs schools in Hokkaido due to the spread of the new coronavirus, parents and other groups have requested the Education Committee to create a place for children with disabilities.

Six organizations, including parents with children with disabilities, such as intellectual disability and autism, made requests to the school’s Board of Education, Yoshihiro Sato, and submitted a request.