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Former staff member at a facility for the disabled in Hokkaido arrested on suspicion of assault

A 28-year-old former employee of a support facility for people with disabilities in Wakkanai was arrested on suspicion of assault at the facility for deliberately putting their foot on a resident and causing the resident to fall over. The police are investigating in detail whether the abuse was a regular occurrence.

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Asahi Shimbun Editorial: Sterilization case underlines grim services for people with disabilities

Eight couples underwent sterilization procedures in response to the operator’s suggestion.
The operator of the group home, a social welfare corporation, insists it never compelled anyone to become sterilized nor required sterilization operations as a condition for continued use of its services.

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After Coronavirus Cluster at Hokkaido School for the Intellectually Disabled, positive Staff forced to care for positive Students

At Muroran Kotosen Gakuen in Muroran City, where children with intellectual disabilities and others are enrolled, a cluster of new coronavirus cases broke out at the end of February, forcing the staff of the isolated facility who tested positive for the virus, to provide care to those students who tested positive for the virus.