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Deaf community looks to bring their own Olympics to Japan after 2020

“While there is no Paralympic category for athletes solely with hearing impairments, the deaf community is not just watching the momentum build from the sidelines, and the Japanese Federation of the Deaf has launched a campaign to bring the Deaflympics — Olympic Games for the deaf — to Japan for the first time.”

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Shizuoka prefecture’s board of education re-examines prefectural employment rate of disabled people

“The Shizuoka prefectural board of education re-examined all faculty and staff on the 2nd October on the issue of inflating the employment of persons with disabilities. As a result, the prefectural board of education employment rate of persons with disabilities was initially  reported to be 1.63%, the statutory employment rate (is 2 · 4%), which is the highest in the world. The actual figure was reported to be 2. 47%. day,  Kazuaki Naomi, the director of  prefectural assembly council of political affairs for Shizuoka explained.”

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Forced sterilization court case in Kobe reveals policy of infertility treatment on ‘unhappy children’

“The policy of Hyogo prefecture at this time clearly states that the policy was to “seek medical assistance from physicians to aggressively perform eugenic surgery by doctor’s application, and guidance and awareness of stakeholders”. It was also recorded that a system to subsidize the costs of forced sterilization surgery was introduced depending on the type of disability.”

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Ministry to test dementia prevention goods, services

“The project will be carried out for three years from fiscal 2019. The ministry will work with businesses that offer dementia prevention products and services, and with local governments whose officials are directly involved in nursing care services, to verify how effective products and services are in maintaining and improving people’s cognitive functions.”