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Japanese Government to Demand that Big Hospitals Give Medical Care during Epidemic

The Japanese government adopted at a cabinet meeting on Friday 7th October bills partly aimed at obliging large hospitals in the country to keep providing medical services even if patients surge in times of epidemics.

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Wages for disabled in Tochigi prefecture decreased for first time in 11 years in FY2020 to 16,405 Yen per month

The average monthly wage in FY2020 for persons with disabilities working at employment support facilities in Tochigi prefecture was 16,405 yen, down 5.3% (912 yen) from the previous year and the first decrease in 11 years, according to a report by the prefectural disability welfare department on 30 November.

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Japan’s Experts Warn of Risks of Not Hospitalizing Moderate Coronavirus Cases

According to the health ministry’s guidelines, moderately ill COVID-19 patients are divided into the Moderate I and II groups. Moderate I patients have a short breath and show signs of pneumonia, while Moderate II patients suffer severer symptoms and need oxygen administration. The new policy would keep Moderate I patients at home.