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Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD due to media coverage

It was also revealed that Princess Mako, a niece of Emperor Naruhito, has been feeling unwell since around 2018 and had been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder caused by what she described as psychological abuse of the couple and their families.

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Japan to address the issue of loneliness affecting its citizens living abroad during the coronavirus pandemic

According to a survey by the ministry, suicide was the second leading cause of death among Japanese nationals living abroad in 2019, following injury and illness. People living abroad especially could face the issue of loneliness and isolation, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told a press conference on July 9, when the ministry’s project was launched. “We would like to make efforts to carefully listen to the voices of such people.”

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1,548 people infected with COVID-19 at Japan’s psychiatric hospitals, 60% unable to be transferred for treatment

According to the Japan Association of Psychiatric Hospitals, from March last year to January this year, a total of 1,548 people, including 1,123 patients and 425 staff members, were infected at 116 facilities nationwide. Of these, about 60% wanted to be transferred to coronavirus beds but were unable to do so, mostly because of mental disorders, according to the association.

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Hospitals in Japan refusing COVID-19 patients with developmental disabilities & mental illness

More than 60% of patients found to be infected with the novel coronavirus while in psychiatric hospitals in Japan could not be transferred to other medical facilities designated for COVID-19 cases, as general hospitals apparently tend to refuse them due to the perception that they are difficult to deal with, a survey has revealed.

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3.4 percent of new parents in Japan risk mental health issues

A team of Japanese researchers has found that 3.4 percent of couples raising children under the age of 1 are facing risks of mental health issues, it was learned Thursday. Both partners are experiencing downturns in their mental health due to such reasons as the husband having to work long hours and the wife being sleep-deprived, according to the study by the National Center for Child Health and Development.