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Suspect in attack on Japan’s PM Kishida to undergo psychiatric observation until Sept 1

According to investigative sources, Kimura has remained silent about the allegations against him and details of his motives remain unclear. Law enforcers are planning to add charges of attempted murder and a violation of the Criminal Regulations to Control Explosives, after closely examining Kimura’s psychiatric and living conditions during his examination.

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Extension of Abe Shooter’s Psychiatric Evaluation Canceled

The defense team for the suspect, Tetsuya Yamagami, 42, who has been sent to public prosecutors on suspicion of murder, had filed a quasi-appeal against the summary court’s decision, made on Monday, to push back the end date of the evaluation period to Jan. 23 next year from Jan. 10 in the same year.

The district court accepted the quasi-appeal, saying that it is difficult to acknowledge the need for a further extension and that it is also not reasonable to have the period extended in consideration of disadvantages to be created for the suspect, according to the defense team.

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“Homosexuality is an acquired mental disorder or addiction” members of Japan’s ruling party claim

On June 30th, LGBT and other sexual minorities were discriminated against, such as “homosexuality is an acquired mental disorder or addiction” at a parliamentary meeting of members of the LDP. It was found out by interviewing the people concerned. Support groups for sexual minorities expressed resentment, saying, “It’s a hate speech and it’s not allowed.”