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Osaka Arson Suspect Bought Gasoline in Late November, may have copied KyoAni Arson

An apparent plastic bottle containing a liquid that appeared to be gasoline has been discovered where the suspect is believed to have lived, according to the sources.

Japan Mental Health Osaka Building Arson

Osaka building arson suspect’s name released prior to issuing of ‘warrant of arrest’ for “extremely heinous” crime as “families wished to have the suspect identified”

The Osaka prefectural police department said it released the name of the suspect even though it has yet to issue a warrant of arrest on murder and arson charges against the man because bereaved families wished to have the suspect identified.

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Japan to address the issue of loneliness affecting its citizens living abroad during the coronavirus pandemic

According to a survey by the ministry, suicide was the second leading cause of death among Japanese nationals living abroad in 2019, following injury and illness. People living abroad especially could face the issue of loneliness and isolation, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told a press conference on July 9, when the ministry’s project was launched. “We would like to make efforts to carefully listen to the voices of such people.”