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Japan’s entry ban hurting foreign students’ mental health

Students across the world who have been unable to enter Japan for study due to the current COVID-19 entry ban mostly feel that their mental health has deteriorated, a private survey showed Thursday.

Japan Mental Health Osaka Building Arson

Disability News Japan Podcast Episode 85: Suspect in Fire at Osaka Mental Health Clinic Dies

The deceased suspect, Morio Tanimoto was a patient at the clinic. People who knew him have said he apparently lived a lonely life after going through a divorce and the deaths of family members and may have been suicidal.

All 25 victims have been identified, including the clinic’s director, Kotaro Nishizawa, 49, according to the police. A total of 27 people, including Tanimoto, were taken to hospitals after the fire.

Japan Mental Health Osaka Building Arson

Osaka building arson suspect’s name released prior to issuing of ‘warrant of arrest’ for “extremely heinous” crime as “families wished to have the suspect identified”

The Osaka prefectural police department said it released the name of the suspect even though it has yet to issue a warrant of arrest on murder and arson charges against the man because bereaved families wished to have the suspect identified.