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Male employee at Hyogo care facility assaulted ten residents, further investigations to be made

Examining the images left on the camera for about a month, we found that nine other residents in their 20s and 50s were repeatedly abused by holding their mouths, hitting their limbs and back, and kicking them.

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Amid coronavirus crisis, Hyogo Prefecture city to extend financial support for disabled and elderly

Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, will expand public support for facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities. “Supporting money” is provided for continuing work while the new coronavirus infection spreads. For residents who cannot meet their family to prevent infection, the city will subsidize the cost of purchasing equipment so that an “online visit” is possible. Local products such as vegetables and meat will also be delivered to the facility.

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Changes in lifestyles during COVID-19 crisis causes anxiety for Hyogo disabled people

The spread of the new coronavirus affects people with disabilities who are more likely to feel anxiety about unexpected daily changes. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has called for the continued operation of facilities for the disabled as “necessary to maintain their lives,” but the facility has great conflicts regarding the prevention of infection. 99 out of the 2,600 outpatient facilities in Hyogo prefecture are closed, and users are facing a disruption in their rhythm of life and a large decrease in their income.

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Forced sterilization court case in Kobe reveals policy of infertility treatment on ‘unhappy children’

“The policy of Hyogo prefecture at this time clearly states that the policy was to “seek medical assistance from physicians to aggressively perform eugenic surgery by doctor’s application, and guidance and awareness of stakeholders”. It was also recorded that a system to subsidize the costs of forced sterilization surgery was introduced depending on the type of disability.”

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Kobe district court hears forced sterilization case involving two deaf couples

“Among the plaintiffs, Kimiko Kobayashi (86) of Akashi City got pregnant shortly after marrying her husband (86), but was taken to a hospital by her mother and was ordered have to surgery to abort. At the same time, sterilization surgery, unknown to Kobayashi and her husband, sterilisation surgery was also performed.”