Author: Michael Gillan Peckitt

UK & CP born, living in Japan, blogging about disability
Disability Japan

日本のパラリンピックのマスコットが好きですか? Do Disabled people in Japan like the Paralympic mascot?

“Japan announced its mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics on February 28th 3018. According to the The Japan Times, mascot is cool, calm but also can be powerful with a supernatural power and a kind heart, and can move objects by looking at them.”

Disability Eugenics Japan

Second lawsuit eyed against government over eugenics law, as records in 13 prefectures show sterilizations of children aged 15 and below

“A Hokkaido man in his 70s plans to file a lawsuit seeking damages from the government over his forced sterilization at around age 20 under the 1948 eugenic protection law, sources said Thursday, as a related investigation unearthed documents showing children aged 15 and below — including one as young as 9 — were also sterilized under the law.”