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Lawsuits on the forced sterilization issue filed by three people from three prefectures

“Three people who live in Hokkaido, Miyagi and Tokyo prefecture respectively filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for for 11 million to 38.5 million yen in a battle for violation of human rights.”

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Osaka police investigate for negligence as woman in care home dies after being burned whilst bathing

“The social welfare corporation that operates the facility “Japan Helen Keller Foundation” explained that the woman was trying to take a bath and her balance broke down when she put one foot on the bathtub and the other foot went into the bathtub. The temperature was set at 70-80 degrees, the woman was reported to be burned to 60% of the her body.”

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Wakayama Prefectural Police arrest a welfare facility employee on suspicion of ‘forced indecency’ of intellectually disabled woman

“Wakayama Prefectural Police at Hashimoto Police Station arrested an employee of a welfare facility for the disabled in the city. The suspect worked at a welfare institution in the same prefecture, and was arrested on suspicion of forced indecently against a woman with intellectual disability at a welfare facility. “