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Vacant houses renovated to be ‘Group Homes’ for disabled people

“Next month in Senboku New Town (NT) in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, a group home for disabled people refurbished detached houses will open. ”

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Second lawsuit eyed against government over eugenics law, as records in 13 prefectures show sterilizations of children aged 15 and below

“A Hokkaido man in his 70s plans to file a lawsuit seeking damages from the government over his forced sterilization at around age 20 under the 1948 eugenic protection law, sources said Thursday, as a related investigation unearthed documents showing children aged 15 and below — including one as young as 9 — were also sterilized under the law.”


日本における強制滅菌に関する障害者差別に関する情報の要請/ A Request for information about discrimination against disabled people regarding forced sterilization in Japan

私はこのような「滅菌」操作を行ったかもしれない日本で働く医者にインタビューすることができればいいと思う。面接官は匿名であろう。 I wish I could interview a physician working in Japan that may have preformed such ‘sterilization’ operations. the intervieweeContinue Reading

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Japan seeks to help disabled women “Become a big fighting force”

“The enforcement of revised Employment Promotion Law of Persons with Disabilities in April this year, the proportion of people with disabilities (statutory employment rate) to be hired by companies etc. was raised by 0.2% to 2.2%. It is difficult for women to balance childbirth and raising children with jobs, but for those with disabilities , the degree of difficulty is further increased. In order to demonstrate their abilities, certain considerations and an appropriate response are necessary.”

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日本の障害者に対する差別に関する情報の要求。/ A Request for information about discrimination against disabled people in Japan

身体障害者のために差別を経験している身体障害者の場合は、以下のようにコメントしてください。コメントはブログの投稿に表示されることがあります。 Or you can also email Barrier Free Japan: ————————————————– If you are a disabled person living in JapanContinue Reading