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Disabled people in Okayama Prefecture out of work due to placement company bankruptcy

“The comprehensive support law for persons with disabilities stipulates that when a business operator abolishes a business, it provides convenience for persons with disabilities who wish to work continuously. Kurashiki Municipal Government issued a similar recommendation on the 15th, but because they were not able to secure a work place, and decided that further action was necessary.”

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Japan’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry publishes changes in employment system for persons with disabilities from April 2018

“The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared commentary materials that compiles changes to the employment system for persons with disabilities, including the raise in the statutory employment rate from April 2018, and support information for companies engaged in employment of persons with disabilities.”

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“I’ve suffered for a long time in my chest, I want you to return my body, my life.”

“The man who was interviewed had no intellectual or physical disabilities , but according to the defense group, he said the law was expanded and interpreted when he was in a child care facility, he said he had surgery.

“I’ve suffered for a long time in my chest, I want you to return my body, my life.” The man appealed at the press conference. The man said, “I should not be alone by myself, I want you to take courage you give to me.” ”

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Hiroshima hopes to improve diagnosis and treatment for those with developmental disabilities

“A person in charge of the prefectural disabilities support staff hopes they “can make it possible to strengthen cooperation with stakeholders who know the daily living situation of children by allowing them to receive medical treatment at familiar medical institutions in the area. I’d like to make it possible for a strong support.”