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“Living Assistance Robot Contest” to be held in Tsukuba City in 2023

“The purpose of this contest is to support researchers and developers from around the world in their efforts to develop innovative tools that will enable wheelchair-bound people with lower limb paralysis or other disabilities to walk independently, using their remaining functions, without the assistance of caregivers.”

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Amid COVID-19 crisis, Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger to trial robot that can be remote controlled by disabled people

Hoping to reduce human contact, operator of Mos Burger shops, Mos Food Services Inc. introduced a robot that can take orders. The company unveiled to the press on Tuesday what customer service can look like with an OriHime robot that can be remotely controlled by people with disabilities who have difficulty leaving their homes. Mos Food Services expects the robot will not only help reduce human contact amid the coronavirus, but also help solve labor shortages.