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20 year old resident of Chiba care facility for the disabled missing since October 16th

According to the police, Takebata has a severe intellectual disability and she cannot speak. Around midnight on the 16th, Mr. Takehata was seen on the security camera in the facility. Takebata lived in a private room on the second floor, and the entrance to the facility was locked. She found a window in the second-floor corridor open, and it is believed that she went outside through this window.

Takebata is about 170 cm tall and has short black hair. She wore a blue T-shirt, gray shorts, and blue sandals.

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People with disabilities in Japan to be ‘de-institutionalised’ as support for living in the community amended bill finalized

Compared to other countries, Japan has more people with disabilities living in institutions and hospitals, which is regarded as a challenge. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare intends to amend the Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities Act and the Mental Health Welfare Act to promote the transition to community life and put in place a system.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government asks J-Pop singer to take “immediate action” after album cover resembles ‘help mark’ for people with disabilities

Popular singer Ringo Sheena (43) created a special mark for her new album because it closely resembles the “help mark” to make it easier for people with disabilities to receive help. It was learned on the 14th that the metropolitan government had asked the record company, which sold the album, to take immediate action.

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Japan to encourage online medical care as COVID, flu spread in winter

Japan’s health ministry said Thursday those at low risk of developing serious coronavirus symptoms will be encouraged to use at-home test kits and online medical services this winter, when COVID-19 and seasonal influenza are expected to spread simultaneously.

The measures, which assume a peak of 750,000 cases per day, seek to lessen the burden on hospitals and prioritize medical care for the elderly amid warnings of another surge of viruses during the upcoming colder months.