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Disability Elderly Japan Typhoon Hagibis

Japanese society must form evacuation system for typhoons, torrential rain [Mainichi Shimbun Editorial]

“While a significant proportion of those who died in vehicles were young, many of those who died inside their homes were elderly.”

Dementia Disability Elderly Japan Nursing Care Typhoon Hagibis

As Japan marks one month after deadly Typhoon Hagibis, twenty-six care facilities in affected areas remained damaged

“The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Tuesday that 26 nursing homes and group homes for elderly people with dementia in seven prefectures remain damaged after flooding. Some elderly residents have been forced to move multiple times during evacuation, which has had an adverse impact on their health.”

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A Railway Station worker in Japan offers advice on how to assist the disabled, begging the question: What is ‘reasonable accommodation?’

“If you are asked for assistance by a disabled person or an elderly person at the station, how far should you respond? A letter from an station employee of a Japanese railroad company sent to the ‘life section’ of The Chunichi Shimbun offered this advice…”